Why Should I Believe the Administration Now?


Obama who cried wolf

Cartoon of the president who cried wolf

At least President Obama has brought us all together, both left and right. Most of us don’t want to go to war. One of the biggest hurdles Mr. Obama faces is the administration’s five years of misstatements and broken promises.

President Obama said he learned about the IRS targeting at the same time we did from newspaper reports. It’s either a lie or a sign of incompetence if true.

Mr. Obama gave much the same excuse for not having answers for the Mexican and Brazilian presidents at the G-20 this past week. He said he doesn’t subscribe to their newspapers which exposed our NSA spying on their administrations. Mr. Obama said he will have to get back to them when he finds out what is going on.

Obamacare will lower premiums and you will keep your doctor, Mr. Obama claimed.

Sequester was Mr. Obama’s idea though he repeatedly said it wasn’t until overwhelming evidence said otherwise. He told Governor Romney during the campaign that sequester would never happen. As we now know, he always expected it would happen.

Mr. Obama said he would bring the Benghazi terrorists to justice. As it turns out, he knows who some of them are and he won’t bring them to justice.

The AP scandal, the James Rosen Scandal, Benghazi, the IRS, were all phony scandals?

Mr. Obama is a constitutional lawyer but he doesn’t seem to like the 4th Amendment. His words about the NSA spying don’t ring true any longer.

In 2007, it was once unpatriotic to spend money we don’t have, but it’s patriotic to do so now. Mr. Obama was going to get rid of lobbyists and now his administration is filled with them, Eric Holder being the most prominent. He was going to make sure we had five days to read bills before they are signed. He said we will keep our guns.

He claimed the fence was complete, which is untrue, and he said the border is secure, which is also untrue.

Senator Feinstein, one of his ardent supporters, said that since we don’t enforce most of the immigration law now, we should enforce even less of it. This past week, she said, “Immigration and Customs Enforcement has wisely used its prosecutorial discretion to defer removal of young people who arrived in the United States without documentation as children.… I respectfully suggest that you adopt a similar policy of exercising prosecutorial discretion to defer enforcement against agricultural employers and workers.”

Our laws and the Constitution be damned with this lawless administration.

There is much more but this will give you an idea of the administration’s trustworthiness.

And, are we going to support a president who seems to admire Ho Chi Minh?


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