Why Should We Pay Liar McCabe for the Rest of His Life?


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has until Saturday to fire Andrew McCabe who lied to the FBI. That is a crime. So far, he hasn’t fired him but he has until Saturday. It’s hard to believe Sessions has the wherewithal to fire him, but he should.

Former Rep. Adam West asked why we should have to pay him for the rest of his life during a discussion with Charles Payne Friday.

“And Catherine Herridge laid the case out. If you recall, Greta coined an incredible phrase. Washington D.C. Is the city of no consequence. If it is allowed to happen, there will be a message to every day Americans, you can mislead and lie and deceive and still get to skate away. We saw it with Lois Lerner and the IRS. You and I served in the United States military. And one of the things I told subordinate soldiers and commanders: Once you sacrifice and give up your integrity. I have no need of you.”

“This director was guilty of lying and misleading and you know, leaking important information. And why should the American taxpayers pay him for the rest of his life.”


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