Why the Mueller Investigation Has to At Least Be Paused


Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch, explained on Fox News why the revelation of a corrupt agent puts serious doubts on the Russia collusion investigation.

“This particular FBI agent was a top agent investigating Hillary Clinton‘s emails and the Russia probe. He was also a never Trumper”.

He was a top counter-intelligence official in the Russia investigation. Was he involved in the ambush that led to Flynn’s destruction and the outrageous handling of the dossier?

This agent, agent Strzok, was advertising his contempt for Trump to others and was openly texting his girlfriend about his anti-Trump sentiments and his pro-Hillary views.

How is it possible the Mueller team didn’t know? If they didn’t, they are even more incompetent than we might have thought.

Robert Mueller hid the information from Congress for six months and Devin Nunes has issued a Contempt of Congress citation as a result.

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6 years ago

The same argument could be made about opening up the Hillary e-mail investigation, the FBI Guy Strzok is Hillary supporter, RE_OPEN IT SESSIONS, !!!!!!!