Why the White House Wants to End Chain Migration


Between 2005 and 2015 the U.S. permanently resettled roughly 9.3 million new immigrants on the basis of family ties. The immigrants are unskilled and taking jobs from minority groups who would otherwise benefit from these jobs.

The foreigners are admitted only based on family ties without any ties to how they can improve the country.

That’s more than 70 percent of all new immigration in that period, the White house said, adding it is also the primary driver of low-skilled workers’ entry into the U.S.

As the President said Democrats just want the voters and they don’t care where the hell they came from.

“These numbers are explosive. They show that American immigration skews almost entirely towards family-based admissions,” said a White House official who briefed Fox News on the data.

Mexico is at the top of the list with 1.7 million admissions, India and the Philippines each have more than 600,000, and Iran has more than 80,000.

Do we really want our country to be based on Mexico’s culture or Iran’s or whatever? It’s too many people with too little time to assimilate. They’re all coming with statist nations and that’s another problem.


  1. It is the, “end justifies the means,” mentality. The Left does not care what it takes in achieving their one, primary goal- the transformation of America into an unopposed single party, Marxist style of government. There is not a single, solitary Democrat/Left wing initiative which is not designed to, in some way, shape or form, achieve their primary goal. I have tried my level best to think of just one…there is none.

    And ALL collateral damage of drowning the country in illegals, refugees, all in their estimation, future Democrat voters, is acceptable. They have developed the act of voter fraud to an art form.

  2. Immigration to liberal politicians is like a credit card that when it will be time to pay they will be dead so they don’t care how much they spend.

    The day those tens of millions of immigrant start really sinking the nation to the level of Detroit city those democrats will be dead.

    They only care about what they can get now, they do not care about the consequences.

    They are beyond irresponsible those liberals are traitors.

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