Why These Two Republicans Mustn’t Be President



Governor Kasich and former Governor Bush might as well be Democrats. They will at best keep the status quo and compromise with the overpowering Democrats. They are not what we need when our Republic is facing collapse. They’re weak and unaware.

Governor John Kasich is a nice man and his father was a postman, however, he has no clue about the damage that has been done by this president. He wants to bring about healing instead of reversing the damage done to our government and our constitution.

He himself has said he’s close to being a Democrat. He’s wrong, he is a Democrat.


Jeb Bush lost many of us when he said he’d win the primary without conservatives and illegal immigrants come here “out of love”. He’s downright vicious in his attacks against Rubio but whines about Trump’s attacks on him.

Now he thinks he has national security experience because he commanded the National Guard and lived in Mexico and Caracas (he opened a bank in Caracas) once.


Jeb seems to think his brother will be helpful. That’s doubtful.




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