Why Virginia Is Now Deep Blue & Will Probably Stay That Way


Virginia has gone deep blue. It’s the first time in two decades that the state has a Democrat governor, legislature, and Democrat local control. It’s probably here to stay. It is the result of a fraudulent need to redistrict Republicans out of existence.

Eric Holder, Barack Obama, George Soros, and left-wing groups have been behind a movement to redistrict in key battleground states. In Virginia, Hillary’s lawyer Marc Elias supported redistricting maps that swung the legislature Democratic.

Virginia’s far-left blackface Governor will now be free to take away gun rights, raise the minimum wage — killing businesses, and pass the abortion law he proposed which subtly includes post-birth abortion.


Former Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker warned the GOP about the “sue until it’s blue” game plan by Democrats in an op-ed published by Fox News in May of this year. Walker pointed out the number of liberal/leftist federal judges who are poised to assist the efforts.

“Pick a state, any state, and sue until it’s blue,” Walker wrote, noting the supposed redistricting reform being taken on by Democrats with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, an organization headed by former Attorney General Eric Holder.

“They have spent years and millions of dollars selling the false narrative that Democrats draw ‘fair maps’ while any and all Republican-drawn maps are ‘partisan gerrymanders.,’” Walker wrote.

“While rhetorically cute, their primary goal has nothing to do with fighting to gerrymander as they repeatedly claim, but to put redistricting in the hands of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and lifetime-appointed judges.”


Virginia judges picked a redistricting map in January supported by Democratic superlawyer Marc Elias that favors his Democratic party.

Elias is a partner in the D.C. law firm Perkins Coie that was responsible for the monies exchanged in payment of the dossier. He is also the top lawyer for Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign.

The Washington Post explained as well in January:

Federal judges have selected a Virginia House of Delegates redistricting map that appears to heavily favor Democrats, redrawing the lines of 26 districts and moving several powerful Republicans into unfavorable configurations.

Six Republicans would wind up in districts where a majority of voters chose Democratic President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election, according to an analysis of the maps by the nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project. No current Democrats would see their voter majority change to Republican, based on those election results.

A total of 100 seats were on the ballot, and Republicans held a slim majority of 51-48. They’re New York now.

The courts used a left-wing professor from California to redraw the maps, and now you have deep blue Virginia. Redistricting of Republican districts is going on throughout the country and could well cost Republicans critical seats and states.

A lot of these redistricting cases will resolve in 2020 when the census comes out. Once they turn deep blue, it’s over. The socialist Democrats are taking over, state by state.


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