Why Was the FBI Advising Peter Strzok to Not Answer Questions?


Lover boy Peter Strzok, the former deputy chief of counterintelligence at the FBI, went up to Capitol Hill Wednesday to lie about his roles in the Clinton and Trump-Russia investigations. While admitting he didn’t like President Trump, he said it didn’t bias him at all.

The FBI was present during the testimony to protect him. They did more to silence him than his personal lawyer. Why?

During the presidential campaign, Strzok bashed Trump daily while at work, but we are supposed to believe he separated his hate out of his decisions. We are to believe that even though his decisions were to exonerate a guilty Hillary and rush the Trump-Russia collusion probe.


FBI lawyers instructed Peter Strzok during a congressional deposition on Wednesday not to answer “many, many questions” about his involvement in the Hillary Clinton and Russia investigations. The was according to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

“Unfortunately the FBI counsel in the room has instructed Mr. Strzok not to answer many, many questions, and that’s going to be a serious problem moving forward,” Goodlatte told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum. “So we will be raising questions with the FBI and the Department of Justice about why it is that their counsel is instructing Mr. Strzok not to answer questions.”


Rep. Goodlatte also said he found Strzok’s answers “unbelievable.”

Strzok was the top investigator on Crossfire Hurricane. That was the FBI investigation into possible collusion between President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government. The agent served on the special counsel’s investigation until July 2017. He was transferred when his text messages were discovered by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General. On June 21, he was stripped of his security clearances and escorted out of the FBI building.

Strzok, the former deputy chief of counterintelligence at the FBI, testified for more than 10 hours.

Agent Strzok did testify he had nothing to do with the FISA warrant on Carter Page. Who did, remains a mystery.




  1. I also heard that Strzok wasn’t even put under oath, why was this a closed hearing? Wray and Rottenstink are going before the House committee’s today, I expect a lot of “i can’t answer that in this setting” “the IG found no bias in the outcome of Hillary’s e-mail MATTER”

  2. It does seem odd, but House members say the same rules apply whether an oath is given or not. Then why have a witness give an oath in the first place.

    It’s also suspicious that questions were asked of Strzok on materials that were already given to Congress yet, on the advice of the Department, he could not answer.

  3. Geez, how ridiculous. They are voting in Committee to continue since 7 days haven’t expired and ONE Democrat votes no “Nyet”, and the clerk mistook it for a “Yes”.

  4. Goodlatte, in his opening statement, is bringing up the “bipartisan” Church Committee on abuse of the Agencies. “We are facing the ‘same’ allegations”, with the same powers as then.

  5. Here we go again, Nadler complaining about the Chairman’s expedient hearing and then goes into the “border situation, ripping children from their mothers”.

  6. It’s quite disingenuous for Nadler to complain about Trump / Russia in that Lester Holt interview since Trump also said he wouldn’t pursue Clinton for her crimes. ALL the Democrats seem to forget that important fact. Trump was willing to let it all go, “Until”, they went all out on Russia Collusion. So NOW they have to sit and bear what they, themselves, have created.

  7. Rosenstein says he treats “everyone with respect”. Does that include the “extortion” comment and the threat to investigate members.

  8. Wray is speaking about all the Great Work the FBI is doing. I guess he hasn’t read the latest IG report on issues of women in his workforce.

  9. Rosenstein says he is not behind the “redactions”. Well then, who is, and get HIM on the hot seat. It was reported that DOJ was using the same methods as FOIA requests to determine what to redact. Well, the Congress is Not some outside entity that is subject to FOIA restrictions.

  10. Something’s rather odd with Rosenstein. He said he NEVER threatened anyone with subpoenaing their phone calls etc. Furthermore, he said it wasn’t possible. Isn’t that what Mueller is doing, the impossible then. How does that comport with Rosenstein being reported as saying it was just his legal recourse as a defense. Is that report also a lie.

  11. I believe it was Rep. Gaetz that asked Rottenstink 2 times if he even read the FISA warrant that he signed off on, and Rottenstink wouldn’t answer yes or no, “i can’t talk about it” in an open setting, pretty suspicious!!!!!!!!

  12. Maybe Rosenstein should do a little more reading of news articles since he did know of any conflicts with the Mueller team of “13 Angry Democrats”. It’s certainly been widely reported with actual “documentation”.

  13. Rosenstein consistently talks about following the evidence but when it came to the Clinton investigation they didn’t bother to “collect all the evidence”. And NOW they are using the “six degrees of separation” in the Mueller investigation. They are going to extremes in that investigation, that borders on Malicious prosecution, which we can plainly see with Manafort.

  14. How “convenient” that Rosenstein has said over and over and over again “blaming” his staff. He doesn’t seem to know anything of consequence because his staff is in “charge”, evidently.

  15. Deutch complains about Jordan’s question on believability between Rosenstein and his staff. Rosenstein has already admitted that his staff is responsible.

  16. Wray says they have to maintain Grand Jury secrecy for In Camera review of documents. Does he want us to believe the product of Grand Juries are “mixed” with all other documents. That just doesn’t sound reasonable. If That is the case they need to hire some type of Organizational Leader.

  17. Rep. Cicilline just discounted the entire reason for the Church Committee because members said Congress “created” FBI / DOJ and warrant oversight.

  18. Rep. King asked a GREAT question, in that, is there ANY information that can be withheld from Congressional oversight. What this amounts to is a type of “black budget” against Congress. Rosenstein sidesteps the question whether or not if the President declassifies all documents if he would hand over All the documents. He’s squirms in response that it would require “consultations” with W.H. Counsel et. al.

    • I wonder if the DOJ would fight in court against releasing the documents if Trump issues an order to do so.

  19. How did Swallwell ever become a member of Congress. I’ve never heard SO Many idiotic questions in my life.

  20. WHAT THE HELL!! Rosenstein says he did NOT write the “scope” letter in the Mueller investigation. He’s in charge but didn’t write it. How can one “supervise” an investigation if he doesn’t set the parameters.

    • I am not an attorney as you are, it seems to me he is answering to protect himself, that he did not actually write the letter. But, it is his letter.

      • I’m in no way an attorney. I Am an avid reader and attempt to learn all that relates to a subject of concern.

  21. Rosenstein was asked about his “extortion” comment and attempted to walk it back. He says he didn’t mean it in a “criminal” sense. When he made that remark it wasn’t innocuous as he now tries to convey. He was called out, “as a Prosecutor” and should have known better.

  22. The Democrats may want to dismiss all this but there is certainly plenty of evidence of a web (Indeed Deep State) that traces back to the unclassified FISA report when the NSA realized inappropriate unmasking was done. It was HIS audit that found it was the FBI themselves who were guilty of violations. So, Wray can say “we take seriously” all he wants, but it was the same FBI that included the Five cohorts who just may have made up the “secret society”. To be so nonchalant about it gives more credence that Wray is, in fact, Not taking it seriously.

    Either Gowdy, Jordan, Gaetz, Ratcliffe, DeSantis or others should create an outline from that FISA report until the time Mueller was selected. Many internet sleuths have created an outline that is highly suspicious. Sharyl Attkinson has one


    And another one:


  23. The appearance of Peter Strzok was a waste of time and opposite what his own attorney promised: Answer ever question the committee members have without pleading the 5th.

    Strzok is the player that connects the whole espionage against candidate and then president Trump. He was the go-between the HRC email investigation, the Weiner laptop saga he hid for 4 weeks and the Mueller investigation of Trump.

    Strzok provided his services to the Hussein gang in the white house, the players and agents working with MI6, CIA, Brennan, Lynch and the rest.
    He is the main player in the development of the coup-t-etat against president Trump on behalf of the deep state and the white house/HRC et al.

    He is one of the worst criminally corrupt agent/counterterrorism agent with dual loyalties. I would not be surprised if he himself had dealing with Putin’s own deep state. Brennan after all travelled to Moscow to meet with various shady deep state figures there. Trust me when I say that Putin is fighting his own deep state.
    One example: the uranium one sale that did not involve Putin but rather his deep state within Rosatom.
    This uranium was smuggled via Pakistan to Syria and Iran and NK with the intent to frame Putin in the future for a nuke attack on the American people.

    Always remember: “They thought she would not lose”!
    The plan was as soon as she entered the white house to engineer a nuke attack on America via NK and/or Syria framing Putin as the aggressor and culprit ergo their planned declaration of WWIII against Russia.
    These are the little details kept from the American people. Dead Americans were thought to be just collateral by the deep state via Hillary that did not matter.

    That’s how evil they are as captured in the designed plan titled “The 16 years plan to destroy America”!

    Take that into consideration to put together the puzzle that a HRC white house agenda of a HRC !

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