Wide-Coverage for ‘Stoneman Student’ Protest Omits Important Fact


A few buses of Stoneman Douglas High School students arrived in Tallahassee, the Florida Capital, Tuesday to protest guns. One of their objectives was to speak with legislators to demand additional gun control. The students went through an unspeakable horror but they are being exploited. The people backing this March for Our Lives movement are part of a much larger, dangerous movement.

The media covered these one hundred, possibly two hundred students as if there were thousands representing all the students of the United States. It’s not true.

What is really pathetic is no one in the media is talking about who is backing this latest movement. Even Fox News isn’t mentioning the elephant in the room — the Communists.

The President announced Tuesday a ban on bumper stocks and other rapid-fire devices. Not many will care. A bumper stock can be fashioned out of a belt. President Trump is also looking at tightening background checks. Few will be opposed to that as well.

Neither of those things will do a thing about the future school shooters.  A total of four agencies fell down on the job with Nikolas Cruz. The FBI made fatal errors twice, failing to follow up on reports that Nikolas Cruz was planning to shoot up a school.

The students who arrived in D.C. today are probably sincere but they are useful tools for the hard left.

In addition to being backed by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, a very powerful hard-left group is promoting the use of students to gut the Second Amendment – the Women’s March. They are ignoring what might have actually stopped Cruz to go after the weapon he chose to use. Cruz was also looking into using bombs, but that is being ignored as are his mental health issues.


The dangerous, Communist Women’s March will organize events as will The [leftist] Partnership for Education. The Partnership for Education will hold a march on the anniversary of Columbine which also happens to be Hitler’s birthday. Hitler also took guns away from the people.

The Women’s March is part of a global communist movement. Notice the commie fist in the announcement.

#Enough National School Walkout also arranged a walkout scheduled for March 14th, 2018. They are already selling t-shirts. The commie fist should be a dead giveaway but no one will say the word – Communist.

Plenty of leftist teachers will encourage students to walk out.

Affiliates like Peace First are also promoting the events.


This is how the left works. They have tens of thousands of Communists at the ready thanks to email and phone lists, and a good opportunity is never let go to waste. Any sympathetic group they can adopt for the cause, they will adopt, whether it be blacks, LGBTs, Hispanics, children, it doesn’t matter. Having been to Occupy Wall Street, I can tell you they train useful idiots on how to behave, when to misbehave, when to take photographs, what to say, and so much more.

Getting back to the Stoneman March for Our Lives protest to take place on March 24th, the students behind them are David Hogg, Alex Wind, Emma Gonzalez and Cameron Kasky. They are fully scripted. They were organized by Everytown. The same organizers behind the Women’s March are also behind this group. These same kids created the “Never Again” campaign.

All of the anti-gun groups are offering help.

The left has been feigning outrage, suffering, sacrifice to achieve their goals since the word ‘Soviet’ hit the lexicon. Their policies don’t work so they go for the performance.

None of these protests or the media coverage are real. We live in a virtual reality courtesy of the left.

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