Widow Speaks of Man Here Illegally Who Paid a Fine After Killing Her Husband


An illegal alien with a police record was driving recklessly on a Maryland highway in 2015 when he ran down and killed two men standing by the side of the road. One of the deceased was an FBI Special Agent, the other a Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal.

The two men ended up on the shoulder after Special Agent Carlos Wolff crashed, and Fire Marshal Sander Cohen stopped to help.

Illegal alien Roberto Palacios had priors for drugs, vandalism, DUI and overstaying a 2009 visa. He was wanted by ICE for deportation but Montgomery County officials wouldn’t hand him over. That left him free to kill two innocent men.

Palacios was driving in the fast line when he swerved onto the shoulder, and barreled up behind the two men, killing the agent and Deputy Chief State Fire Marshal Sander Cohen who was hit also by another car.

The alien claims he didn’t see the two men. He never applied his brakes and his brakes were found to be faulty.

No drug and alcohol test was taken at the scene.

Palacios overstayed his visa since 2009 and has a history of drugs and vandalism including smashing windows and setting fire to couches.

This is just the kind of person Democrats are protecting in this country. A lot of tax dollars are being wasted as he fights deportation.

This man is still in the country and only paid a $280 fine for his reckless driving that caused the death of the two men. The Democrat Attorney General Brian Frosh wouldn’t charge Palacios. Frosh found that Palacios drove in a “careless and imprudent manner”. But it wasn’t a “gross deviation” from driving carefully.

Three years after the deaths, the widow of Carlos Wolff is still devastated as are Dr. and Mrs. Cohen who lost their only son. Carlos Wolff was an immigrant — a legal immigrant — from Venezuela who loved this country and worked hard to keep others safe. Both of the deceased men worked to help and save others.

Watch the widow as she describes what happened:

A photo of the illegal alien has not been released.

This is Montgomery County justice for people here illegally. Read more on the link below.

Illegal Fined $280 After Killing Two And He’s Still in the USA Years Later

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