Wikileaks Answers Attacks During Senate Hearing


They Must Be Believed But No Evidence Was Presented

The Senate Armed Forces Committee met Thursday morning to question Obama’s Intel chiefs about the alleged Russian hacks. The hearing was also a platform to delegitimize Julian Assange and the leaked emails. His credibility was continually attacked.

The witnesses testified that senior Russian authorities are definitely behind the Russian hacking of emails. Towards the end of the hearing, DNI Clapper swore that Russian President Putin was the only one who could okay the email hacks and consequent fake news. Russians threaten government and military, they warned. They say they have “conclusive evidence”.

The hearing was somewhat partisan and very public 15 days before the new president takes over. NO EVIDENCE was presented.

Senator McCain noted that there appears to be no strategy for fighting the cyber attacks. Radio Free Europe is outdated, he added.

The hearing this morning was a platform for Democrats, John McCain and Lindsey Graham to make Trump look foolish for criticizing the intel agencies.

In addition, McCain and Graham are concerned that the sanctions were not sufficient retaliation against Russia.  Senator McCain said he wants the U.S. to “throw rocks at Russia”. However, the intelligence report was completed only this week.

Wikileaks Responds

The intel chiefs are “astounded” that people believe Assange over the spy agencies.

Clapper was questioned about Assange’s claims that the emails were not tied to Russia. Assange is “indicted I believe for a sexual crime”, Clapper responded.

Furthermore, Assange put lives at risk by releasing document and the intelligence community has no respect for him, Clapper insisted.


Obama’s Intel Chiefs Are Liars

The’s Obama administration top intel chiefs are Susan Rice, who told us Benghazi was about a video; James Clapper, who lied about the government collecting information on everyday Americans; and John Brennan, who lied about the torture report and surveillance of senate computers.

Wikileaks responded to that.

President-elect Donald Trump plans streamline the spy agencies by reducing the top heavy and politicized bureaucracy at Langley. Trump said the shakeup he’s planned was overblown by the Wall Street Journal.

Trump responded to accusations that he supports Assange.


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7 years ago

Why isn’t there anger and fury over WHAT WAS IN THOSE emails? Podesta and the DNC basically destroyed any chance Bernie had of winning. Is that not a threat to our voting system?

7 years ago

Julian Assange has consistently displayed high integrity, when as the Obama administration has consistently displayed a total lack of integrity. So, whom do you believe? Oh, about the “sex” charge against Assange – he is accused of having sex with a woman [consensual] without a condom! This was in Britain, which covered up 1,400 rapes by Muslim immigrants because it would have look bad to admit it. But having sex without a condom! OMG!

7 years ago

FYI. Adding a bit of reality. CIA Clapper converted to Islam while under Obamas watch. Just sayin.