Wikileaks Dumps 71,000 Macron Emails, More Than 21,000 Verified


Wikileaks is back with hacked emails that appear to be aimed at embarrassing the French President Emanuel Macron. It comes at a time when his popularity has plummeted. His July poll numbers are dismal. Some are suggesting the emails show he wants to be the leader of the world.

There is no word yet on who did the hacking but Russia was blamed in the first massive hack of his campaign emails prior to the election. The French came out and later to say it wasn’t the Russians.

The media was also prohibited from publishing the emails at that time.

More than 21,000 emails of the current dump of 71,000 plus were “verified” according to a DKIM system, the Assange organization said. They date from March 2009 to April 2017.

This hack was first released on 4CHAN.

Reuters is already back blaming Russia.

There are some interesting emails popping up. One email shows their pro-Palestinian bent and concerns about Trump’s alleged “hyper-Zionist Jewish entourage”.

Another describes their drug purchase.

The emails also run counter to his supposed tough line on Brexit.

In addition to disenchantment among his constituents, Macron is presently in trouble with Italy for a lack of support on the massive immigration threatening their country’s national security.

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