This Should Be Good: Wikileaks Livestreams Response to CIA Monday


Branco cartoon via
Branco cartoon via

On Monday morning, Wikileaks will respond to the CIA report. We will cover it even though we could be accused of being Russian operatives by the fake stream media.

Wikileaks has been responding to some of the accusations aside from Julian Assange’s appearance on ‘Hannity’.

After the Senate hearing, Wikileaks responded to the claim by James Clapper that Julian Assange was indicted for a “sex crime”. That isn’t true.

Clapper insisted Assange put lives at risk by releasing documents. Assange strongly objected.

Wikileaks also asked in a tweet if Obama’s top intel chiefs were trustworthy? That was followed by the names of the chiefs with links to their various lies:




The response on Monday should be interesting.

We can get a sense of how it will go from the tweets Wikileaks posted like the one above. An ex-CIA analyst was quoted throughout bashing Hillary Clinton and describing the report “as a farce and a charade”.  Mr Johnson, a retired CIA analyst who previously worked in the US State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism, said the report was a “joke” and lacked any evidence to back up the claims.

The not very groundbreaking DNI report wasted 7 pages complaining about Russia Today. It’s ridiculous. They quoted stories from two year’s ago. Meanwhile, a more serious danger is US media and their leftist propaganda.

Donald Trump wants an investigation of the leaking of the secret DNI report to NBC News. Wikileaks tweeted that it’s being done for political reasons.

The Sentinel doesn’t know who is telling the truth or if Wikileaks has ties to Russia, but what we do know is the DNI report confirms the legitimacy of the Podesta/DNC/DCCC emails. There was no sign of tampering.

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