Will There Be a Lesson Learned? Italian Reporter Assaulted While Covering Arriving Migrants


Italian TV reporter Francesca Parisella and her cameraman were reporting on refugees arriving from Africa and sleeping outside the central terminal train station in Rome when they were assaulted. As they were reporting, the refugees attacked them.

One of them got her jacket before she got away.

It was broadcasting live as MATRIX anchor Nicola Porro witnessed the attack.

“What’s happening, Francesca?” MATRIX anchor Nicola Porro asked as Parisella and her crew ran from the scene.

“They assaulted us, Nicola!” she managed to say while running.

At one point in the video, the reporter can be heard screaming as she ran from the station, “What do you want? What do you want? You’re crazy!”

Porro managed to say, “Oh God, Francesca, get out of there,” and told the station to call the police.

Il Giornale reported that the reporter and the cameraman were able to escape with the help of a taxi driver.

The media has to understand they are importing the third world and have to protect themselves as if they were reporting from one of these barely inhabitable nations with some feral people.

One can only hope they have enough sense to deport the whole lot of them quickly.


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