Will the USA Fall to Totalitarianism? Bill Talks with Dennis Prager


Dennis Prager and Bill O’Reilly discussed the problem of leftists assuming power, on his podcast Thursday evening at BillOReilly.com.

Prager made the point that leftists are not liberals, they are totalitarians. They destroy everything they touch, and after leftists obliterate or transform a target, they offer nothing to take its place.

Both agreed the United States might fall. The leftists have control over the media, the arts, entertainment, and education.

The following is an excerpt. It was a very interesting discussion, and alarming.

All you have to do is look at the lunatics running the Democratic Party. How do we survive with a corrupt media, a party that has bought into the far-left, and indoctrination everywhere you turn with no counterbalance?

the idea that walls don’t work and it’s immoral is absurd. The immorality is inherent in what the invaders are doing.

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James Cool
James Cool
4 years ago

O’Really has forgot how he ran his show and got removed after paying an obscene amount of money for his perpetual totalitarian sexual misconduct with his staff and others. No one gets paid $23 million for being hit on. Come on Bill, stop with the bloviating already.