Windbag Gov Cuomo Will Lead NY In Fight for Progressivism [Socialism]


Andrew Cuomo, the dopey, corrupt fraud of New York is laying the groundwork for the presidency by moving far-left. He went to Ellis Island to suggest open borders is our future. The man who thinks America was never great, vowed New York would lead the Progressive [Communist/Socialist] movement.

He spent a half hour telling the audience that he will lead the way out of our “great social depression” and into a progressive social agenda.

For those who are unaware of what that means, Cuomo is planning for more political correctness-multiculturalism-diversity-LGBTQA…rights at the expense of the majority, rejection of biology and religion, and an enormous flood of illegals dependent on government [aka taxpayers], welcomed by the leftists regardless of criminal behavior.


The Governor made up a new term, “the great social depression” and that will be his rallying cry to push the state into the arms of waiting Progressives.

“New York has always risen above hatred,” Cuomo said in his inaugural address. “When racism or sexism or discrimination rears its ugly head we come together, all of us united, to oppose the division.

“When they bring fists of fear and hate, we bring an embrace of love and hope. We know that when we come together our darkest hours can be followed by our finest days.”

Now we know he didn’t write that because he’s not smart. Remember when he told his opponent he would stop lying when she did?

Cuomo wants the Democrats to see the alternative path to winning — socialism and communism aka progressivism.

“As our nation once confronted a great economic depression, we now confront a great social depression,” Cuomo said. “People’s frustration turning to fear and the fear turning to anger and the anger turning to division. It is impossible to overstate how dangerous, how malignant this condition is.”

“It is a cancer that is spreading throughout our society.”

Agreed, but it’s his fault and those of his ilk.

The anti-assimilation leftist railed about looters.

“Like looters during a blackout, they didn’t cause the darkness but they exploited it. This federal government has sought to demonize our differences and make our diversity our greatest weakness rather than our greatest strength.”

No, windbag, our UNITY is our strength!

He can run for President on the America Was Never That Great ticket.



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TexanForever Thompson
TexanForever Thompson
4 years ago

Cuomo, with all his money acquired under our wonderful capitalist system, actually believes Marxist socialism is a good thing. … go figure