Wisconsin Tyranny: You Won’t Believe This Happened in America


John Doe laws dating back to the 19th century in Wisconsin allow DAs to hold secret panels, compel people to give testimony and turn over documents. To take advantage of the loopholes, Prosecutor John Chisholm, a partisan hack, took advantage of the loopholes in the laws to exact a vendetta against Scott Walker and people who supported him in a case so shocking that you won’t believe it happened in America.

One of the victims is now filing suit and explained on The Kelly File Wednesday evening.

The corruption extends to judges, police officers, lawyers, and to at least one newspaper, the Journal Sentinel. The judge who signed off on these John Dow applications did scores in one afternoon – there was no judicial oversight.

In a September 9, 2014 article, former Milwaukee police officer Michael Lutz, who for several months served as an unpaid special prosecutor in Chisholm’s office, said that Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm, a Democrat, told him in March 2011 about his contempt for Walker.

“He felt it was his personal duty to stop people from being treated like this, to stop Walker from treating people like this,” Lutz told the Wisconsin Reporter.

Lutz (photo below), who is a retired disabled police officer, went to law school and had been friends with the Chisholms, even giving to Chisholm’s campaign, but he couldn’t live with the way they were going after opponents. He has paid dearly for telling the truth.


Dan Bice (photo below) of the Journal Sentinel went after Lutz, smearing him and falsely accusing him of issuing “death threats,” destroying his reputation and his credibility.


Lutz says his law practice has been ruined because he has been blacklisted. No other attorneys will speak out against Chisholm and his corrupt crew because they too will lose their practices.

The prosecutor, John Chisholm (photo below), is described as “hyper-partisan” in a “hyper-partisan” district, and used the John Doe process indirectly against Scott Walker, depriving anyone associated with him of their constitutional rights, as Walker began his rise to power and became a potential candidate for governor.

Killings by Police Milwaukee

Chisholm’s wife is a teachers’-union shop steward who was distraught over Act 10’s union reforms. She is alleged by Lutz to have spurred Chisholm on as it was his “personal duty to stop him.” When the attempts at stopping the union reforms failed, Chisholm found other fertile ground and a very cooperative Judge Barbara Kluka.

Wisconsin has been using John Doe laws in lieu of the grand jury process since the early 19th century. It gives the prosecutor additional powers, powers that can be misused to deprive people of constitutional protections and attack political opponents.

In Wisconsin, the law allows a prosecutor to go to a judge with a “suspicion” and the judge can sign off and let the prosecutor bring in witnesses they can force to testify in secrecy. Federal grand juries operate all the time in Wisconsin but they have rules about secrecy and timelines that John Doe laws do not have.

In the hands of the corrupt prosecutor, there are no First Amendment rights. There is no due process.

National Review attorney David French has been investigating the use of these laws and what he found should terrify people. Political opponents have been subject to SWAT teams and other law enforcement coming to their homes with battering rams and guns drawn. The teams have torn apart homes and never once gave the victim the benefit of their constitutional rights.

Innocent people with the “wrong” political views were subjected to the same treatment drug dealers receive. Then they were warned not to tell anyone, not even family and to not call a lawyer. It kept the communist-like tyranny a secret from the general public.

Supporters of Governor Walker who were newbies to the political process became the subjects of “multi-year secretive criminal investigations, slanderous and selective leaks to sympathetic media, and intrusive electronic snooping.”

It’s not unlike the IRS targeting.

The Progressives in Wisconsin weaponized law enforcement against their political opponents. It was full-blown tyranny.

Lawsuits followed. The entire affair is one of corruption, deceit, misuse of public office and it is thanks to these lawsuits and people like David French and Michael Lutz that the truth be known. Everyone needs to read the French exposé which can be found on this link.

The law was used as it was never intended to expand investigations of a particular case into people in the Walker administration and Walker himself, all of whom had nothing to do with the original case. That is a tactic used by the Obama administration against political opponents and even the AP.

The investigation started with some missing money and they investigated people who had nothing to do with the original investigation. Sheriff David Clarke spoke of it extensively when it began.

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