Witches of Congress Say Mueller Can Do Whatever He Wants to Trump


Lindsey Graham

Sen. Lindsey Graham has teamed up with far-left Sen. Corey Booker who is writing an unconstitutional law to keep President Trump from firing their hitman Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller has just hired his 8th Hillary donor out of the 16 staff possibly delving into every aspect of Trump’s and his family’s finances. Mueller is an untouchable establishment prosecutor allegedly helping to destroy Trump’s agenda. To add to the outright assault, Sens. Collins and Murkowksi have offered their opinions.

Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Fake Republicans Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are insisting that Mueller can probe whatever he wants without limit when it comes to Trump.

There is no such investigation of Hillary Clinton or leftist Barack Obama and his team.

Sen. Collins is also a member of the liberal Senate Intelligence Committee who are pushing to get Trump.

Collins told CNN on Thursday that President Trump is not immune from the “investigation” by Robert Mueller. She said, “The President can’t set red lines for Bob Mueller.”

Senator Lisa Murkowski was also interviewed with Collins. They regularly give CNN good soundbites.

Lisa jumped on that with a “Well said”.

As CNN reported Thursday, Mueller’s hit squad is now said to be subpoenaeing financial records of Trump’s businesses and his aide’s and son-in-law’s Jared Kushner’s family real estate businesses.

There is no evidence of collusion between Trump or his associates and Russia but they are on an unAmerican fishing expedition to find something they can convict him or his associates of.

Mueller has been given carte blanche and Collins says he “should follow the leads wherever they may be.”

Collins added, “I do not think his investigation should be constrained beyond the mandate that he was given.”

It’s obvious from their votes, especially their recent Obamacare repeal votes, that they don’t want the Trump agenda to succeed.

Collins responded to information about the grand jury which leaked Thursday and said, “I think that’s good. The sooner that Bob Mueller and his team are able to get the facts out about Russian involvement on and answer the question of whether or not there is any criminal wrongdoing or collusion between the Russians and members President Trump’s campaign team, the better off we all are.”

Grand juries are wholly unAmerican. Only the prosecution gets to present their evidence and nowhere in the process is anything presented for the defense. That would be something Collins would like.

Mueller has gone from the Russia investigation to looking for financial corruption and obstruction of justice. They clearly want to find something to get Trump on.

They will find something on someone. Perhaps they will get someone on a trumped-up, pardon the pun, perjury charge. It’s easy to do. Someone forgets something or remembers badly and there’s the perjury charge.

They have to find someone guilty of something to justify their existence.

There is no legal justification for this investigation.

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6 years ago

Still waiting for the first Obama or Clinton minion to be charged for a criminal action.

Not holding my breath.

6 years ago

Lindsey Graham is an Agent For Putin. How arrogant for This Senator and his cohorts to complain about how Putin conducts his business. According to them, Putin is a despot who destroys his competitors in any way possible. What Graham and his ilk are doing with everything Russia is quite the parallel to the complaints they make against Putin.

6 years ago

Republican voters sat on the sidelines and watched as the party betrayed their interests by inserting leftists and excluding conservatives. It has been overt.

6 years ago

These Republicans have even went to such an extreme as to NOT allow the President any recess appointments, Yet they complain that Senate Democrats are not allowing nominations to proceed in an orderly manner. The recess would allow Trump to fulfill his administrative duties.

One can ONLY conclude the Republicans in Congress hate and despise this President to such a degree that is nearly pathological. By walking in lock step with Democrats they have shown the tactics are highly effective. Are they so STUPID to think these same tactics will not be used again. In the next instance you can be assured it will increase many fold.