Celebrities Make a Pro-Blasey Video But None for Keith Ellison’s Accuser


Some Hollywood stars defended Christine Blasey Ford in a short video. At the same time, they insist Brett Kavanaugh must not be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

They don’t have any evidence but do want to inflict more political damage.

Blasey is the woman who accused the judge of a sexual assault 36 years ago. Before Blasey, Judge Kavanaugh had an impeccable reputation as a man of unassailable character.

The video, produced by the hard-left group MoveOn, features “women from all walks of life,” including actresses America Ferrera, Julianne Moore, and Gabrielle Union.

It begins: “Dear Professor Ford, we know how difficult it is to stand up to powerful people. We want to thank you for publicly sharing your story of sexual violence,” the women say in the video.

Their sponsors, MoveOn, are extremely powerful and they are painting a false picture here.

“You and your testimony are credible,” they claim.

Really? How might we ask? She has no evidence whatsoever. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary.

They called her “strong”. How do they know that? What if she’s a bald-faced liar?

One celebrity wore a “We Resist” t-shirt for the video.

The film ended with an Anita Hill quote. Anita Hill is the woman who followed Justice Thomas to every job he took. She begged for positions with him.

When Justice Thomas was about to be appointed to the Supreme Court, Hill complained about alleged sexual harassment after the left pressured her into it. The complaint involved a hairy coke in 1991. It appeared to be a false accusation to keep the conservative justice off the court but Hill never took back her comments. She suffered no consequences.



At the same time, no one has come to support Karen Monahan who actually has evidence that she was assaulted by Rep. Keith Ellison who is running to become the chief law enforcement officer in Minnesota.

Ms. Monahan’s evidence gets deleted whenever she posts it.

It’s always about the ideology and the narrative for the leftists.

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