With Only a Blunt Statement, Fox News Dumps Kimberly Guilfoyle


This article has been updated to include Kimberly Guilfoyle’s response at the end of the article

Fox New’s popular host Kimberly Guilfoyle has been unceremoniously dropped by the network. She was not allowed to say goodbye after 12 years working for Fox News, Daily Mail reported. Reports from Gabriel Sherman say they won’t miss her a bit.

In an unusually blunt statement, a Fox News spokesperson sent TVNewser the Fox announcement: “FOX News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle.” That same statement was sent to all interested parties.

The loyal Fox host is dating Donald Trump Jr. and the relationship has grown more and more serious. Sherman says they are talking marriage. They chronicle their world trips together on their twitter pages.

When she would appear on Fox News programming, including as co-host of The Five, Guilfoyle would consistently have to disclose her relationship with Trump Jr. It’s likely that conflict of interest was too much for the powers-that-be, and the decision was made to part ways.

“Look, they seem to be a cute couple and I love a good love story. But doesn’t this radically affect her day job?” CNN media reporter Brian Stelter said on an episode of “Reliable Sources” earlier this month.

“How can any of her colleagues criticize Trump when the president’s son’s girlfriend is sitting right there at the table? Doesn’t this complicate the entire network’s coverage of the Trump family?” he added.

Katie Pavlich will replace her.


Guilfoyle is taking a position with America First PAC where Sean Spicer works. She was not fired according to a Fox spokesperson who spoke privately with the Daily Mail and it’s not clear if this is just a leave of absence for her, the Mail wrote further.

Huff Post had reported earlier in the day Friday that three sources claimed Guilfoyle was not leaving the cable news network “voluntarily,” and that her team was busy working out the details of her separation package on Friday.

Both Guilfoyle and Donald Jr. deny that.

She wanted to leave a top cable show to work for a PAC?


The news was first broken by Gabriel Sherman at New York Mag. According to Sherman, the couple’s talking marriage. Sherman says Fox is not the least bit upset she’s leaving and added she’s been a management nightmare for a year. Fox has been labeled State TV, partly over her relationship with Don Jr.  In addition, the Trump-Fox relationship has appeared to sour.


Guilfoyle has been named in a #MeToo lawsuit by former Fox commentator Julie Roginsky for pressuring her to praise Ailes and impugn Gretchen Carlson who sued the network. Other female colleagues at Fox complained she pressured them to support Ailes.


Before that, she dated the short-lived White House communications director and was herself considered for that White House position. Fox reportedly found her to be high-handed. One Fox staffer told Sherman Guilfoyle went on a “witch hunt” to find out who leaked rumors she was dating the Mooch. Another source said Guilfoyle used Fox News makeup artists before going out to personal events.

Fox News Fissure

Sherman alleges that Murdoch has been upset with her and Trump. That is especially true after he called his UK paper, The Sun, ‘fake news’.

Guilfoyle has been a longtime family friend of the Trumps She has dated Don Jr. for four months and believes she “finally got it right this time.” She thinks he has a future in politics and is saying the same things about him that she once said about her one-time husband Gavin Newsom, the Daily Mail noted.

Guilfoyle was recently seen with Trump Jr. at a campaign event in Orlando for Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, and the couple was in Monaco together the previous weekend.

Vanessa Trump has fully supported and defended her soon-to-be ex-husband’s new relationship.


Guilfoyle’s lawyer, Thomas Clare, dashed the rumors though, telling the Daily Caller that Guilfoyle’s exit was amicable and had been discussed for “an extended period of time.”

“As Fox News noted in statement earlier today, Ms. Guilfoyle and the network have agreed to part ways. That agreed-upon parting of ways has not yet been finalized, has been under discussion for an extended period of time, and is entirely mutual and amicable,” Clare said in an email.

A source close to Guilfoyle told Daily Caller that “any assertion that she was pushed out of Fox is false.”

“Fox has known for a while that she was planning on moving to the America First PAC and her leaving Fox is 100 percent voluntary,” the source insisted. “She is very excited about her new challenge and is appreciative that she had a great run with Fox News.”

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