Within 24 Hours of the SC Murders, Liberals Go on the Hunt for Right Wingers


Liberals find it difficult to blame guilty people for crimes. They light up their Diogenes lamp and embark on their fruitless search for the truth.

Sometimes things are just what they appear to be.

The only one responsible for the slaughter of nine innocent people and the injuring of one other in a South Carolina church is Dylann Roof, a deranged racist.

However, it has become an American tradition to look for blame elsewhere and as one searches, the objects of blame are usually people or groups they dislike or who they stereotype. A crisis is a good opportunity to pick on one’s favorite fall guys.

There is no way to protect against the maniacs. Most of us have known one who might go off and commit a heinous crime.

If it wasn’t such a terrible act, one might laugh at some of the misguided notions.

First up is Andrea Mitchell. Talk about stereotyping.


Andrea Mitchell blamed the South, the entire South, for the killer’s terrorist act. She’s not stereotyping, is she?

A friend of the deceased pastor went off into crazy land and blamed Fox News, claiming they send out coded language to make maniacs like the Charleston killer feel they can go into a church and slaughter people. Roof watched too much Fox News apparently though this man had no facts to back it up.

Speaking of crazy, a bystander kept screaming “All white people are terrorists” while CNN tried to conduct an interview.

This next fellow blames hate speech and wants to ban “coarse language”. He also suggested presidential candidates take an oath, take a pledge against the language of bigotry.

Ever the phony opportunist, Hillary blamed guns as did Barack Obama and a slew of talking heads. Just as she told Tyrone Woods father (Benghazi) that she would get that videographer, she is telling the public that she will get that gun that committed this crime.

If someone is bent on evil, you aren’t going to stop them.



  1. I’m new to the Independent Sentinel – but I just wanted to say i will be following your posts from now on. Your articles are spot-on, very well written and truly exceptional. That you are able to handle the most controversial subject matter of our time truthfully and in a completely professional manner is extraordinary and to be commended. Thank you for your obvious dedication to excellence – and please know that your work is appreciated!

  2. If one person in the church had been carrying a legal firearm, then this tragedy could have had a much happier ending.
    Do not take away civilian rights to legally carry guns. We need more good people out there on the streets carrying firearms, not less.

    • But it’s illegal in SC to bring a gun to church. Too bad Dylann Roof didn’t get that memo. What is with all these criminals and psychos ignoring gun laws?

      • Hahaha. It’s hard to understand but I think the solution is to pass more laws just like that one and increase the penalties!

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