Without Proof of Moore Wrongdoing, Lindsey Graham Supports Progressive Rival in Alabama


Without proof or due process, Lindsey Graham has said there is basically no winning with Roy Moore. If Moore wins, Graham says he will take down the GOP in 2018.

No, Lindsey, what will take down the party in 2018 is the lack of action on anything and everything by the Senate. You and your colleagues have done nothing in a year and obviously don’t intend to do anything.

The Senate is more obsessed with destroying Trump who is promoting the agenda they ran on.

“The moral of the story is don’t nominate somebody like Roy Moore,” Mr. Graham said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “From a party perspective, we got to look long term not short term.”

He would love that — only vote for left-leaning Republicans.

Why isn’t Graham criticizing John Conyers and Al Franken? The allegations come in daily for them too.

A number of women have come forward to say Moore asked them out when they were of legal age but under 18 and he was in his thirties. Two others came forward with more salacious accusations but their stories are shaky. All allegations are nearly four decades old.

Roy Moore has strongly denied the allegations and the President has come out to say he would be better than Doug Jones, a Schumer puppet.

It’s true. Doug Jones wants to transform Alabama and “create a new south”. He receives financial support from hard-left Soros-funded groups who are also door knocking, rob calling running ads, and planning to drive people to polls.

Lindsey Graham is part of the Mitch McConnell cabal that spent tens of millions of dollars to defeat Roy Moore.

Guy Benson said it exactly right.


  1. The more I hear about Moore’s accusers, the more I believe Moore is right for the Senate. The whole thing is a liberal smear campaign designed to steal the Senate seat. The voters of Alabama will hopefully see through this BS and elect Roy Moore.

    There has been no proof presented. The only thing that comes close is the yearbook that the liberal idiot Gloria Allred refuses to turn over to a handwriting expert. I suspect that her reason is that she knows it is FAKE NEWS!…..CNN style!

  2. Deceptive people such as Graham always resort to inciting fear when they have no decent reasons to use. McConnell also uses that tactic, to claim the party will be destroyed by Moore. Graham and McConnell are destroyers of the party. Graham cites the long term versus the short term. The party is ruining both the short term and long term. In the short term they block Trump’s agenda. In the long term they encourage mass immigration for more democrat voters. Graham shows that on most issues he is hard left. Also I’d like to know what anti-Trump Benson does not like about Moore.

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