Witness Appears to Catch Las Vegas Killer on Cell Phone Video


A witness appears to have caught mass killer Stephen Paddock as he was shooting from a window of a hotel in Las Vegas, allegedly the Mandalay. The video was uploaded to LiveLeak by a friend according to Breaking 911. The caption read“A friend share this with me, he was at Las Begas for his birthday and wittiness the thing. He was on his way to a the casino where the shooting took place and recorded this.”

You can allegedly see the killer shooting for the first time at about 01:25 and he can be seen again after that. It’s very eery.

The police found his location when the smoke alarm went off, so we don’t know about this video. There are flashes from the window above but videos can be doctored. Commenters are saying this is not the Mandalay.




The Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock who was responsible for the murder of 58 people and the wounding of another 500 plus, was on an anti-anxiety drug that can lead to aggressive behavior and even psychotic experiences. That isn’t the usual effect and it doesn’t account for all the planning that went into the massacre.

He was prescribed one 10mg scrip for 50 pills this year and another last year. The reason he was given the drug might be more informative than the actual information about the drug itself.

ABC News reported that more details are emerging, investigators say, that suggest Paddock’s mental state was deteriorating before the shooting — significant weight loss, an increasingly slovenly physical appearance and an obsession with his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

Well we know he couldn’t possibly be a terrorist.

Some neighbors described him as surly and unfriendly. The staff at the Starbucks he frequented said he was verbally abusive to his girlfriend.

Authorities have found more guns in a home his girlfriend and he shared. She was interviewed by authorities Wednesday and said she had no idea he was planing anything.

She was deeply sorry about the victims and expressed her love for Paddock who she knew as a kind and caring man.

Paddock, as some news organizations have reported, made a “dry run” the previous weekend when he rented rooms in a high-rise Las Vegas condo building overlooking the venue of another outdoor concert called the “Life is Beautiful” festival.

Paddock had been stockpiling guns since 1982 and bought 33 of them, mostly rifles, over the past year alone, right up until three days before the attack, Jill Snyder, an agent with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told CBS on Wednesday.

He had rigged 12 semi-automatic rifles with devices that allowed the guns to fire like an automatic weapon, she said. Authorities previously disclosed that he had such “bump stock” devices with him at the hotel.

Snyder said authorities would not have been notified of the rifle purchases but would have been informed if two or more guns were bought at one time.

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