Witness Says House Democrats’ IT Tech Was a Pakistani Spy


Daily Caller reporter Luke Rosiak is investigating the case of the family of Pakistani IT techs working for the Democrat House members. One of those techs was Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s IT tech. He also worked on almost all Democrat House member computers. One key witness says Imran was a spy who gave their classified data to Pakistani intelligence.

Imran and his family had access to the computers of most of the Democrat House members and had a lust for money by all accounts.  He accessed unauthorized classified data, transferring it from the congressional computers to an outside server.

Imran Awan saw to it that his unqualified family members also got high-paying no-show jobs in the congressional offices of Democrat members.

Imran was arrested last year for bank fraud as he attempted to flee the country. His wife already left and was in Pakistan.

Nothing much has been done and there appears to be no FBI probe, at least not one of any import.

The Spy

Luke Rosiak has been in contact with Imran’s father’s ex-business partner, Rashid Minhas, who alleges that the data was transferred to Pakistani government intelligence. For those who might not realize it, these House Democrats had access to all confidential data at the highest levels of security.

Imran bragged that he had the power to change the U.S. president.

Asked how he knew this, Minhas said that on one occasion in 2008 when a “USB [was] given to Rehman Malik by Imran’s father, my brother Abdul Razzaq was with his father.”

“After Imran’s father deliver (sic) USB to Rehman Malik, four Pakistani [government intelligence] agents were with his father 24-hour on duty to protect him,” he said. Minhas did not say what was on the USB.

Imran’s father traveled with a motorcade of officials.

The Awans were never vetted.

The Daily Caller traveled to Pakistan for the story.There is much more at Daily Caller.

Democrats Will Not Investigate or Reform

Democrats are now blocking any reform.

There is a concern that Imran was blackmailing congressional members which would explain their refusal to do a single thing about this.

This took place when Democrats were trying to deflect from Hillary’s disregard for national security. At the same time,  they were trying to pin a collusion/obstruction charge on President Trump.

At the end of this article, you can watch a video of Wasserman-Schultz more-or-less threatening the Capitol Hill police chief for not returning her lost and suspect laptop.


Wasserman-Schultz threatening the police chief:


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