Witnesses in Baltimore Swear Police Shot a Black Youth Who Wasn’t Shot



This is what we know about the Baltimore shooting.

A young black male ran from police and witnesses say he was shot running away. Fox News witnessed the event, heard one shot, and saw the gun fall to the ground. They also thought the man or boy was shot.

The police, however, say he had a gun in his belt that went off when it fell on the ground. A statement by police said no one was shot.

I just listened to a young black woman talking to a Fox news reporter for twenty minutes. She swore that a black boy was sitting on the steps doing nothing when the police went up to him, he ran, and the officer shot him.

This is the woman:

The crowd started to build and the police used pepper spray to deter them.


There was another shooting on another block it seems and a man was shot multiple times. Maybe the witness should hustle over there and give an eyewitness account.