Woke Dems’ ‘bisexual’ law expert really dislikes “straight white men”


Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan, a self-proclaimed “snarky, bisexual,” claims that people like her love America more than straight white men (straight white men founded this nation and created our amazing Constitution).

We are pretty sure a lot of straight white men don’t think much of her either.

She is a longtime Democratic donor and doesn’t like straight white men. Tucker posted one of her anti-straight white men rants filmed 13 years ago.

Carlson said, “In 2006, well before the rest of the left embraced the ‘great awokening,’ Karlan was ahead of the game. She was already bashing people on the basis of their sex, skin color, and sexual orientation.”

Tucker showed a clip of Karlan saying,  “We have to seize back the high ground on patriotism and on love of our country because we have more reason than they do to love America. The rich, pampered, prodigal, sanctimonious, incurious, white, straight sons of the powerful do pretty well everywhere in the world, and they always have.”

She sees rich, straight, white men, as her enemy and what she hates is they are “pampered, prodigal, sanctimonious, incurious, white.”  Tucker thinks she might need therapy and we do too. She’s sick!

Karlan should move to a nation with few or no white men and hope they have lots of LGBTQIA men too. Her salary for spewing distorted constitutional law will go down.

If this arrogant elitist can decide who loves Ameria more, and teach that to America’s kids, we are in big trouble.


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