Woke No More? House GOP Say Graham Is “Not Doing a ?#@*& Thing”


Reporter and Hoover Institute fellow Paul Sperry says House Republicans are fed up with Lindsey Graham’s showboating. He calls him a “phony McCain.”

Since Senator Graham took over the Judiciary Committee, he has held zero hearings on the Spygate scandal.

Graham said to Judge Jeanine last night:

“The Mueller report is the final word on Trump and all things Russia, not Nadler. Does anyone believe Nadler is telling the truth?…”

“…Mueller is the final word for me. Everything the House is doing is politically motivated. And I think most Americans are ready to move on. To my Democratic colleagues in the House, if you bring up impeachment after Mueller issued his report, based on the Mueller report then it’s going to blow up in your face. You’re hurting the country. You’re unfair to the President and he’s going to get re-elected.”

All talk, no action.

  • McCain the wild untamed maverick…who worked in government for several decades. I used to really be harsh on ol’ Grahamnesty but sometimes he will get something right.
    These people that love McCain so much were AWOL back in 2008?

  • Anyone who trusts Graham has a bad memory and/or is not following and analyzing events.

    He has and is a phony, he bragged numerous times on TV about his upcoming investigations for the purpose of approval numbers for his election. Notice that not one interviewer has asked him why he has not done anything yet. That question is not allowed.

    And Graham lovers (RINO followers) do not remember that Graham supported the witch hunt the entire time. He supported a law to protect Mueller. Witch hunt supporters are NOT investigation supporters.

    Graham speaks for polls.