Wolf Blasts Jane Sanders, Says CNN Covers News “Responsibly” and “Accurately”


After the brutal, near-massacre of Republican congressmen by a Bernie fan, the left-wing media and other Democrats are lining up to blame everyone but themselves.

Jane Sanders and Wolf Blitzer faced off after the shooting by the Bernie Sanders campaign worker this week. One thing was clear at the end — nothing will change. CNN’s Wolf thinks his station is covering the news “responsibly” and “accurately” where others aren’t.

Bernie isn’t responsible for the crazed supporter of course, but at one point Jane Sanders said his supporters weren’t responsible for any violence. That’s not accurate.

The ‘Bernie 4 President’ groups were present and active participants in most of the violent attacks during the campaign. Bernie’s socialist agenda must inevitably lead to violence.

Bernie supporters were the ones causing the violence. The hard-left backed Bernie and they’re violent.

Bernie kept calling for Revolution, still does.

Jane Sanders told Blitzer, “We have to be able to discuss the issues without demonizing the opponent. And honestly, Wolf, I think the media needs to look at itself as well.”

“The media characterizes every conversation as an adversarial one. Your job, the media’s job, I think, is to illuminate the facts, not fan the flames,” she said.

“The media continues to cover the latest scandal, the latest back and forth, but not the issues so much,” she concluded her argument.

Blitzer ignored her point and went into full-defensive mode, “If a president or a senator or someone of authority is making very, very strong statements, you want us to simply ignore those statements, if there’s a social media post, a tweet and the president says something really, really strong.”

“Do you want us to censor those words as part of the news media?” he asked. “What are you suggesting?”

Sanders said again that it was the media’s responsibility to look within and do some “self-reflection.”

Wolf said the media is doing a “lot of reflection” and all the criticism from right and the left, and her, underscores how they are reflecting.

She’s right about the media but Wolf was angry.

Wolf then quoted Bernie calling President Trump “the worst and most dangerous president in our country”.

She said he was upset about DAs being fired and about the country becoming an “oligarchy”. However, she had no such complaints about Clinton firing all the DAs.

CNN is “robust” media

Jane Sanders kept going back to Wolf not understanding about the media’s role in “demonizing people”,  depicting politicians of all stripes as “caricatures…fools, demagogues or terrible people and they pay a price for that, I don’t think you understand what it takes to be a public servant”.

An irate Wolf said “I don’t think we’re doing that”. A “robust democracy needs a free media, a robust media, that’s what we are doing,responsibly, accurately, there are elements out there not doing that, but we certainly are.” He then cut her off and one of the  bid her adieu.

If Wolf thinks they’re responsible and covering the news accurately where others aren’t, then there’s little hope CNN will ever be anything but fake news.

Why doesn’t the responsible and accurate CNN ask Jane about the investigation into her sketchy deal that brought down the college she led?

The left will never admit it, but the assaults are not coming from left and right, they are mostly from the left. The attacks are 24/7 as they try to overthrow the President of the United States.

The point is that nothing is going to change.


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6 years ago

We are puuurre as the driivven snooooowww