Woman Arrested at Extremist Muslim Compound Transferred to the Feds


Jani Leveille

On Monday, a judge set $20,000 bail for each of the defendants in the New Mexico compound where extremist Muslims kept 11 children in filth and provided little food. One handicapped child in their care died while undergoing an Islamic ritual to expel demons.

The judge, Sarah Backus received death threats for not remanding them as the prosecutors asked. Prosecutors say at least some of the children were being trained to shoot and kill teachers, law enforcement, and others.

All defendants are still in custody and one of the five arrested was moved to federal custody, Fox News reported. Jany Leveille was transferred to the custody of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said Tuesday. Sounds like she could be here illegally.

Sira Wahhaj, whose father is a famous U.S. imam who hates America, is being held on an outstanding warrant from Georgia.

The other three Lucas Morten, Hujrah Wahhaj, and Subhannah Wahhag are incarcerated pending the fulfillment of their release conditions.

Subhannah is seven months pregnant and told the inhabitants to lay down their guns when law enforcement moved in on the camp. She doesn’t appear to have done anything wrong.

Judge Backus said she was “troubled” by the charges but said there wasn’t enough evidence. The 11 starving children and the dead child weren’t enough.

At least two of them won’t be out any time soon.

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Daniel Gerouse
Daniel Gerouse
5 years ago

Ummm., a popular liberal meme claims President Trump is NOT a legitimate President because he was “only” elected by 1/5 the population – (ignoring the fact that he basically tied Hillary-so she is out too!) BUT – I think we can agree –the problem is the THREE-FIFTHS who do NOT vote!

5 years ago

A decent US AG could easily step into this and ensure they are not released. However the US AG supports solitary confinement for Manafort, when his department dropped the charges against Manafort 6 years ago.