Elderly Woman Asks Teens to Turn the Music Down, Nearly Gets Killed


Update: We found the offender. Check him out at the end.

A shocking video shows a man body slamming an elderly woman to the ground, deliberately or accidentally, before hurling her into a swimming pool. He fell in with her.

Her crime appears to be asking high school party goers at a neighbor’s house to stop making so much noise.  She stopped by as she was walking her dogs.

The party – which was being held by a group of promoters called the Block Boyz – was held at one of the teenagers residences outside of Miami, Florida, according to MediaTakeOut.

The woman is said to have suffered serious head trauma. MediaTakeOut.com confirmed that the woman managed to leave the residence – with her dogs – on her own, after the video cut off.

The site also confirmed that the woman was later rushed to the hospital and is currently in stable condition. Police are still investigating the incident.

The party goers were throwing a lot of  people in the pool and might be stupid enough to think this was just them having fun. They could have killed her.


This is the guy.

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