Woman from Michigan Killed by Assad Forces


Nicole Lynn Mansfield Photo of Nicole Lynn Mansfield

A woman from Flint, Michigan, Nicole Lynn Mansfiled age 33, died fighting Assad’s forces in Idlib Syria. Her family was notified on Thursday. She was fighting with two others, one a British man, all were killed.

Reports from out of the country call her a spy and an opposition militant. Others called her a mercenary.

Images of her body are seen in a video on LiveLeak and breakingnews.sy. with two others. Their car was ambushed and all were who were shot up in the car. There are weapons, a computer, and a Jihadist flag visible in the video. They were killed  after they were found “snooping” around a military base.

The daughter of a production worker, she was raised a Baptist. She met an Arab man several years ago and converted to Islam. She later divorced him.

Her family was unhappy about her conversion and said she was easily swayed.

She dropped out of high school dropout after she became pregnant though she did later earn a GED. She worked in the health field for ten years.

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