Woman Smirked, Rolled Her Eyes As Her Victim Poured Out His Heart


A 20-year old Long Island woman, who falsely accused two Sacred Heart University football players of rape, was sentenced in a Connecticut court Thursday to a year in jail. Those who witnessed the event said she smirked, rolled her eyes, and showed no remorse.

What she did has changed the lives of the accused forever, the two young men said. They had to leave school and one lost a football scholarship.

Twenty-year-old Nikki Yovino had consensual sex with the two young men, but she was afraid it would upset another young man she was interested in. She saw the false accusation as a way to get sympathy from her new romantic interest.

Yovino said the rape story was the first thing that came to mind.

She changed her story several times and originally said she wanted to go to trial. But, before it went to court, she confessed. The evidence and her many versions of the story would have exposed her lies.

The victims were never arrested.


During the sentencing, this awful woman pursed her lips and rolled her eyes.

One of the victims, Malik St. Hilaire came forward publicly and gave an impact statement, explaining how it affected his life and forced him to leave school. He described the stress he was under. While he poured out his heart, Yovino smirked and rolled her eyes.

“I went from being a college student to sitting at home being expelled with no way to clear my name,” St. Hilaire said. “I just hope she knows what she has done to me, my life will never be the same. I did nothing wrong, but everything has been altered because of this,” he said to her eye rolls.

A source who was standing close to Yovino during the hearing said she also groaned as St. Hilaire spoke. But her attorney denied the claims – saying it had been a “difficult day for Nikki and her family”.

The second man accused by Yovino wanted to remain anonymous. His attorney read a statement claiming that he now suffers from depression and anxiety. “She accused me of what I believe to be a horrendous, horrific crime out of her own selfish concerns,” the unidentified student’s statement read, according to The Hour. “I lost my scholarship, my dream of continuing to play football and now I am in debt $30,000 and I’m simply trying to get ahead as best as I can.”

Both students are considering suing Yovino in civil court.

As if Yovino’s lies about the young men weren’t enough, she blamed the police for her many false confessions, claiming they pressured her to do it. Her attorney said she never used the word “rape”, only “sexual assault”, but police pushed her on the term.

Rape accusations must be taken seriously but only believed based on the evidence. Of course women lie too.

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