Woman Who Decried Islamophobia at Airport Is Married to Jihadi Arms Smuggler


A Muslim woman who regularly spreads propaganda on Islamophobia is married to an accused jihadi arms smuggler.

An April Islamophobia sob story that appeared in the Los Angeles Times op-ed section decried the abuse of Muslims in airports under President Trump. You might remember it because of the notoriety it achieved.

Poor Syrian refugee Lubana Adi was visiting her “aged mother” and two brothers who were refugees in Turkey. She was so abused at the airport she wrote an op-ed about it.

“President Trump’s new security regime wastes yet more of our time and our taxpayer money and shows outright scorn for the spirit of the 4th Amendment,” Adi complained. She quoted the Amendment.

Adi griped about her phone being searched and said it is apparently the new normal under Trump.

However, and you won’t hear this from the LA Times, her husband, Rashid Jijakli had already been indicted for smuggling military equipment to Jihadis in Syria by the time she was stopped in the airport. Jijakli had smuggled significant equipment to Syria through Turkey.

In the story about Jijakli, The Los Angeles Times left out the part about his wife being Lubana Adi. 

They own a home together in Walnut, California. Isn’t that just grand?

She is probably on the government’s radar, not her hijab.

It’s not known who she is supporting but she has interesting ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and Ahrar al-Sham: a Jihadist group that had massacred Christians. Details of the story can be found at Frontpage Magazine along with all the links to back up the claims.

This woman had the gall to write in the op-ed, “Like any loyal citizen, I want my country protected from any and all terrorist threats. But such ‘unreasonable searches’ are a waste of taxpayer money.”

Lubana also appears regularly in the media. She has ties to Muslim Brotherhood organizations here in the United States.

Her claim of being victimized because she was wearing a hijab is more than likely a ruse, but the Los Angeles Times will never notice and never report it.

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