Woman Who Sued McDonald’s Over Hot Coffee Heads For The Slammer


Selena Edwards of Victorville, California claimed that McDonald’s coffee was so hot that it gave her hand second degree burns when an employee handed her a hot cup of coffee with a defective lid.

She presented photos as proof! The only problem is the photos were from a hospital’s website and they were photos of someone else’s injuries.

Edwards, 38 years of age, is now facing 21 felony counts of insurance and workers’ compensation fraud.

She collected $2000 from the insurance company.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones released a statement that said: “By copying legitimate burn photos from the internet, Edwards attempted to make a profit from another person’s pain and suffering and for this she will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

In 1992, 79-year old Stella Lieback sued McDonald’s for third degree burns on her legs and thighs. She was awarded $3 million but after appeals, she wound up with $640,000.

Denny’s had a similar situation which resulted in a $500,000 settlement.