Women All Over France Are Segregated


Gender segregation and intimidation is occurring all over France. This is the cultural enrichment the left has welcomed into their country.

Creeping Gender Segregation

Women all over France are afraid to be out in public. They kowtow to the Islamic rules of young men ruling a number of suburbs of Paris.

The women are missing from cafes, streets and all public spaces.

France 24 investigated, focusing on certain French cities where women are kept out of public spaces such as cafes and even on the streets.

In some outskirts of Paris, men have taken over public spaces and the women are putting up with it. Most are intimidated.

Two women, Aziza Sayah and Nadia Ramada lead a group called the Mothers Brigades, aimed at fighting for women’s’ rights that they allegedly already have in France.

Aziza Sayah on the left and Nadia Ramada

This is pathetic. France was a free and democratic nation.

The Mothers Brigade showed the reporter what it’s like to go into a cafe. When they enter a cafe, they are rejected and told to leave for their own good. There is “no gender mixing here” they are told.

In the brand of Islam practiced  in France, everything is forbidden. It’s a mix of different views.

This kindergarten assistant in the photo below says she wears dark clothes, no makeup, certainly no red lipstick and tries to look as unnoticeable as possible because she’s scared.

Women who try to take back the spaces, get lies in return. Women marchers talk to this one cafe owner in the photo below who says women are welcomed, yet no women are ever seen in his cafe.

As women march or talk in the streets they are watched by the men and feel very uncomfortable.

Muslim women generally won’t join these women.

Please watch the video clip from Paul Joseph Watson:

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