Women have no rights to pee in privacy – the real war on women.



My rights, as a woman, just (literally) went right down the toilet!

Where is the outcry from all the women of America now that we cannot go and use a public restroom without fear of running into a sexual pervert who may be lurking in the ladies room. I don’t care if you are “confused” over your gender, if you have to stand and pee then you belong in the mens room! It is not a “transgender phobia”! I just don’t believe that men should have the green light to use a woman’s bathroom under any condition!

Women have just been declared a “nothing” classification. If you don’t want men going into a public bathroom specifically designed for you – well too damn bad. That’s what the politicians are telling you and your female counterparts — you MUST share your bathroom with potential rapists and perverts. You can’t call the police because they have the right to be there! What about our rights as women? We have none. Do the stupid people who support a man in the ladies bathroom understand what has just happened to Women? We have no rights!

Where the hell is NOW  on this issue? How about all these girls who will vote for Hillary “because she is a woman” like me? Let me make this clear, if Hillary gave one iota about you as a woman, she would be protecting you! What difference does it make to her – she will have her private suite in the White House and won’t have to worry about a sexual predator coming into her bathroom, other than her promiscuous husband, Bill.

I am so angry! When a real man actually defends women on this issue, they are black-listed, boycotted, fired and treated like scum. Who are these politicians and Hollywood hair-brains to give men free access to a woman’s bathroom?

Do they get what can happen? A man can go into a women’s bathroom or locker room and stand there to watch you! You cannot do a thing about it. You can’t call the police because he has the right to be there. You, on the other hand, must be subjected to possible sexual assault, rape, and fear of relieving yourself. So what if you go into a stall to do your business, what will stop a man from peering under or over the bathroom stall? Nothing!

This law has stripped women of their rights to bathroom privacy! A man now controls our body. Get it? Do you understand what has happened to the majority of Americans, who happen to be female, we are now controlled by men. If you are not frightened by this law, then you are not paying attention. The devil is in the details.

Our politicians just gave the go-ahead for women of America to be sexually exploited under the pretense that a handful of people need to use the bathroom of their choice instead of the bathroom that fits their plumbing.

I, for one, am not leaving the house without my Depends on. I refuse to go to the bathroom where I can be sexually harassed.

Lastly, my memo to the idiots who support this dangerous “open-door bathroom policy” , the rapists applaud you.



  1. It is outrageous. How long before those in charge implement Sharia Law ? I can’t believe our Country is
    in such a mess right now.

  2. very well stated regarding the potential and irony from a ‘women’s perspective’, here’s the downside for men…

    suppose i’m happily married with a few kids and that i’ve done well for myself since my post-grad work. one day
    finds me in the bathroom of a professional building, in front of a mirror, with my pants down in order to tuck in
    my dress shirt and look presentable for a meeting. you’re a smarty sara so i know you see the ending already.
    in walks a 16 y/o biofem, stands next to me for a bit and then exits the bathroom, rushes to floor security and
    insists i made un-wanted advances and groped her. there are no cameras, her word against mine; sexual abuse of
    a minor will be the state’s charge. should i let it go to a jury trial where i stand a 50/50 shot in today’s culture or
    settle out of court? either way it’s; “sorry I’m late honey, i had a bad day at the office”…b

  3. Here’s what you do Rosie: Team up with some of your women friends and make a list of all those entertainers and organizations that have said they will boycott North Carolina and start your own boycott of THEM. Don’t know if the PC police at Twitter would let you tweet about it, or the facebook thugs, but Sara and other blogsite owners would publish you.

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