Women’s March Petitions to Take President Off Twitter, Facebook

Anti-Semitic Women’s March leaders

The far-left, anti-Semitic activist group Women’s March on Saturday launched a petition demanding Twitter and Facebook ban President Donald Trump from their platforms.

The group is led by haters, most especially radical Linda Sarsour.

The petition accuses Trump of “inciting violence” against Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar by tweeting a video that spliced a comment she made about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks with footage from the attacks.

“The president will not stop. He will continue to issue hateful messages from the White House. But you can stop him from issuing those messages on your platforms. Do the right thing. Suspend Trump from Twitter and Facebook,” the petition reads.

All the hate is coming from Omar. There was nothing hateful in the President using iconic photos of 9/11 and running them alongside Omar’s comments.

The leftists know this, but they want him off social media so he can’t communicate with Americans. The Stalinists want to silence him.

The nasty little radical Omar is no victim. If there are threats, she did it to herself.

This is the tweet and he has every right to stand up for the victims of 9/11 and criticize Ilhan Omar.



  1. Fakebook and the hivemind lameassery known as Zuckerborg will probably go along with their comrades but Twatter knows that Trump will take his millions of followers with him.
    So glad that I don’t give a rat’s ass about some lameass commie owned hivemind groupthink circle jerk of social media cupid stunts.

    • That is only because they are getting away with this crap. I’m amazed at how many useful idiots are running cover for them. Do they not know they are giving up their rights and freedom to these savages? The mooslimes will not give them any special privilege whey they take over.

  2. There aren’t enough legitimate Women’s Marchers to have strength in numbers…or to have numbers! Not to mention that a few women whining because they don’t like to hear FACTS isn’t a legit reason to ban ANYONE from twitter. It’s just ANOTHER Democrat canard. They don’t realize that the more noise they make over nonsense…the more their noise is simply relegated to the background noise of people’s consciousness.

  3. To shut down the President’s account would be a very costly mistake. Twitter would lose half it’s subscribers, and the fallout for the advertisers who make it a profitable platform, would be catastrophic.

  4. A small group f uninformed, stupid and crazy women want the POTUS to stop communicating with the nation. And they think they are perfectly reasonable.

  5. Sweeties; that’s not going to happen. Why? Because Twitter knows if they boot Trump, they will get a sh!t storm from their users who will cancel and from Federal agencies for violating their terms of them not being publishers but just carriers. Carriers can’t be held to account where as Publishers can. Twitter would lose value and go bankrupt same with Fakebook.

    Plus there are free speech issues special to the Presidents communications. So NO they’re not going to cut him off and you all know it. You’re just stirring up stuff as per the usual for Hamas and Hezb’Allah.

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