Women’s March Petitions to Take President Off Twitter, Facebook


Anti-Semitic Women’s March leaders

The far-left, anti-Semitic activist group Women’s March on Saturday launched a petition demanding Twitter and Facebook ban President Donald Trump from their platforms.

The group is led by haters, most especially radical Linda Sarsour.

The petition accuses Trump of “inciting violence” against Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar by tweeting a video that spliced a comment she made about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks with footage from the attacks.

“The president will not stop. He will continue to issue hateful messages from the White House. But you can stop him from issuing those messages on your platforms. Do the right thing. Suspend Trump from Twitter and Facebook,” the petition reads.

All the hate is coming from Omar. There was nothing hateful in the President using iconic photos of 9/11 and running them alongside Omar’s comments.

The leftists know this, but they want him off social media so he can’t communicate with Americans. The Stalinists want to silence him.

The nasty little radical Omar is no victim. If there are threats, she did it to herself.

This is the tweet and he has every right to stand up for the victims of 9/11 and criticize Ilhan Omar.

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