Women’s Rights’ Swamp Critter Lisa Bloom Sought Big Donor $$$ for Trump Accusers


Swampy Gloria Allred’s swamp critter daughter Lisa Bloom, who famously defended Harvey Weinstein for a brief time, sought money from donors to pay off Trump accusers. That’s barely a step away from paying people to lie and certainly encourages liars.

Women rights’ lawyer Bloom wanted a commission for herself to sell her Trump accusers’ stories to tabloid’s and TV outlets, and, in addition, in one case, she sought money to pay off one accuser’s mortgage and another’s six figure payoff — that woman who never did come out.

Hillary PACs were solicited.

Bloom represented four women, two of whom declined. Bloom also represented women who accused Bill Cosby and Bill O’Reilly. If you can believe anything Bloom says, some of the women contacted her.

She is one sleazy lawyer.

All of this was chronicled in contemporaneous contractual documents, emails and text messages reviewed by The Hill, including an exchange of texts between one woman and Bloom that suggested political action committees supporting Hillary Clinton were contacted during the effort.

Bloom said she didn’t speak with Clinton but wouldn’t detail her communications with Hillary’s PAC.

One of Bloom’s clients was the very visible accuser and former beauty contestant Jill Harth who said Trump pushed her against the wall and tried to grope her in 1997. Bloom got her some money in 2016.

Bloom then arranged for a donor to make a larger contribution to help Harth pay off the mortgage on her Queens apartment in New York City. The amount was under $30,000, according to a source directly familiar with Harth’s situation. Public records show Harth’s mortgage was recorded as extinguished on Dec. 19, 2016, public records show.

But Harth wants you to know it doesn’t affect the merits of her decades-old story. We would like to know the truth and what the circumstances were – if it even happened.

Documents also show Bloom’s efforts to get alleged victims of sexual assault or harassment to come out against Trump intensified as Election Day 2016 approached.

When Harth, for instance, informed Bloom she had just made a Facebook post urging other women to come forward about Trump in October 2016, the lawyer texted back:

“Wow Jill that would be amazing. 27 days until the election.”

And when a potential client abruptly backed out of a pre-election news conference where she was supposed to allege she was sexually assaulted at age 13, Bloom turned her attention to another woman.

That woman, Harth’s friend, went back and forth for weeks with Bloom in 2016 about going public with an allegation of an unsolicited advance by Trump on the 1990s beauty contest circuit.

“Give us a clear sense of what you need and we will see if it we can get it,” Bloom texted the woman a week before Election Day.

“I’m scared Lisa. I can’t relocate. I don’t like taking other people’s money,” the woman wrote to Bloom.

“Ok let’s not do this then,” Bloom responded. “We are just about out of time anyway.”

The woman then texted back demanding to know why there was a deadline. “What does time have to do with this? Time to bury Trump??? You want my story to bury trump [sic] for what? Personal gain? See that ‘s why I have trust issues!!

There is a lot more to this story, you can read the rest at BillO’Reilly.com. It’s quite scandalous and immoral really. Is this what we’ve come to?

President Trump has vehemently denied all of these accusations.

This is another John Solomon exposé — one of the few investigative reporters actually employed by a mainstream media outlet.

Don’t worry, the money wasn’t to lure them or pressure them, says Bloom. She was defraying costs.

The women say they were very happy to have her representation. We don’t doubt that!

While Bloom noted she represented sexual harassment victims for free or at reduced rates, she also acknowledged a standard part of her contracts required women to pay her commissions as high as 33 percent if she sold their stories to media outlets.

“Our standard pro bono agreement for legal services provides that if a media entity offers to compensate a client for sharing his or her story we receive a percentage of those fees. This rarely happens. But, on occasion, a case generates media interest and sometimes (not always) a client may receive an appearance fee,” she said.

“As a private law firm we have significant payroll, rent, taxes, insurance and other expenses every week, so an arrangement where we might receive some compensation to defray our costs seems reasonable to us and is agreed to by our clients,” Bloom added.

She was lining up paydays for all. Nothing to see here!

O’Reilly said earlier this month that there is a tape which will help Trump greatly if it’s released.

“There is a tape … an audio tape of an anti-Trump person offering $200,000 to a woman to accuse Donald Trump of untoward behavior,” O’Reilly told Glenn Beck during an episode of Beck’s podcast earlier this month. “My attorney, he listened to it. There are at least three crimes on the tape.”

As a woman, I can tell you that women are no different from men when it comes to character. They are equal – bad and good. Just as men will lie, so will women. Conniving for a payday is not a trait of one gender over another.

Bill O’Reilly feels this will lead to his exoneration.

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