Women’s soccer team on parade: “…I got the key to the muthaf**kin city..”


The vulgar, trashy USA Women’s Soccer team make a mockery of the parade held in their honor in New York. While they say they want to be role models for young girls and boys, they were hardly that. During the ticker-tape parade, the women acted badly and represented the United States in a profane way.

Co-captain Megan Rapinoe, who is quite full of herself, has insulted the flag, the anthem, and the United States. She has politicized an event that should be fun for everyone.

The AP reported the viewership was down considerably from their 2015 match: The audience was down 43.8 percent from the 2015 final between the U.S. and Japan, which averaged 25.4 million viewers. 

The team did insult Americans who still love America and that could account for the reduced membership.

The ladies don’t know how to be winners.

By way of contrast, listen to Pete Alonso who was such a grateful, inspiring winner of the Major League Home Run Hitting Challenge. He’s a true role model.

  • So they won for kicking a ball around! Hooray! Now they think that makes them exempt from behaving like civilized, respectful adults in public. The key to the city they received should be taken back and used to lock them out of NYC permanently. They acted like lowlife trash talkers and their cavorting around on stage was out of place and unacceptable. Send them back to their home states and forget they ever existed. They aren’t worth it.

    • Never lose sight of the fact that the best women’s team in soccer lost a game against a group of 15 year old boys. Kind of puts things in perspective. Sure…. men and women are equal in sports (/sarcasm).

  • This hag is done..her fifteen minutes of fame is over. Women’s pro soccer will now tank for good. What a pitiful excuse to represent the U.S. And to think, she wanted to have their salaries raised to what the men make.