Women’s World Cup Champions’ Ticker Tape Parade Gets Revoltingly Political


The fun of seeing the Women’s World Cup Soccer champions riding on floats through New York City streets to the sights and sounds of jubilant New Yorkers should have been about these young women, the sport, and the United States, but under this administration, politics creeped in on rodent’s feet.

Chants of “USA!” and the sounds of bagpipe music were heard throughout New York’s “Canyon of Heroes” on Friday, as the city celebrated Abby Wambach, Carli Lloyd, and the rest of the World Cup–winning U.S. women’s national team with a ticker-tape parade.

Confetti – 1500 pounds of it – showered down on them in the Canyon of Heroes. Bagpipes played and the crowds yelled their appreciation as loud as they could.

Then the politicizing began. Schools held up signs applauding the collective and the women were called heroines because it can’t be the valley of heroes. That’s too gender-specific-not divisive enough.

Mayor de Blasio should be thrilled that he was given the idea  of holding a ticker tape parade, according to CBS, because he can now “send home his message about equal pay for equal jobs to an audience of often underpaid women,” CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

The parade cost New Yorkers $1.5 million. Does this mean that the taxpayer fund was really to push an agenda?

Socialist Mayor de Blasio didn’t waste any time. He said the celebration brings everyone together to honor the remarkable women on the team and women everywhere.

“This team captured the imagination of the nation and their victory, I think, sends a message about the strength of women, the power of women,” de Blasio said.

Then he went for it. “Their victory, I think, sends a message about the changes we need to make in our society,” he said. “If we’re going to have a more equal society, this victory will send a powerful message about it. If we are going to have pay equity, this victory sends a message about it.”

What does any of this have to do with his phony message? Remember when we all sat down together and just enjoyed sports and the events that surround them?

Sports has been politicized and it’s not for the better. It’s highly stress-enducing and divisive.

Now I can only eagerly await NFL players running around the field with pink or rainbow shoelaces and “Hands Up” shirts.

Source: CBS Local



  1. The sports world is allowing itself to be corrupted by sex, politics and social engineering. From football to NASCAR to soccer they are folding like cheap suits.

    So here’s a question: If the idiot De blasio says this women’s victory, women winning a women’s sport, is about empowering women, what will it mean if the US men win?

    Babble. Gibberish and babble masquerading as profundities and the dumbed-down American public falling for it. Just as in their joyous celebrations over the lowering of the rebel flag in SC. Everything is just going to be all A-Ok now and the rioters and looters will cease and desist and Black unemployment will drop to zero and the gangs on the south side will stop killing each other.
    No….wait. Maybe all that will happen when all the confederate statues are knocked down and the names of cities and schools with confederate generals are changed, or the schools closed. Or, no wait. Maybe it will have to wait untilGays and lesbians are allowed to perform sex acts on the courthouse square and the American Flag itself is hauled down, and all copies of Life on the Mississippi are burned in a giant bonfire and the CEO’s of Chik Fil A and Hobby Lobby are crucified in that same public square.
    How far do you want to go with lunacy, America?

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