Is Word Banning the Book Burning of the 21st Century?


Maybe PC has gone too far when Wonder Woman is banned from children’s lunch boxes and the use of the words “male” and “female” warrant failing grades. Check out this week’s political correctness on college campuses and decide if it is the new book burning, an invented controversy as the left claims or something in between.

white privilege

Campus Reform is reporting that several professors at Washington State are threatening students with failing grades if they use descriptive terms like “illegal alien”, “aliens,” or “illegals”.

They will also be punished if they use terms like “male,” and “female,” or if they fail to “defer” to non-white students.

The professor thinks descriptors are “oppressive and hateful language.”

The punishment for repeatedly using the banned words includes “but [is] not limited to removal from the class without attendance or participation points, failure of the assignment, and— in extreme cases— failure for the semester.”

“Students will come to recognize how white privilege functions in everyday social structures and institutions,” said one professor.

Are these professors teaching hate and bigotry against whites? This is how we get groups like BlackLivesMatter. Weasel Zippers has more.

white privilege2

The College Fix is reporting that the USC College Republicans are fighting back against the white privilege racism on their campus. A recent back-and-forth started on Facebook.

There is a “safe space” designated for all marginalized communities on campus but it doesn’t include Republicans.

The president of the USC College Republicans, Jacob Ellenhorn, brought that up on Facebook and was told they were bigoted and white-privileged though the bigoted comments were coming from his opponents.

An op-ed on The Daily Trojan said this:

“Amid the racist, elitist overtones of the discussion present in both Ellenhorn’s interview and the original comments is a conscious disregard for the prevalence of white privilege and entitlement on campus.

“One of the College Republicans members posted a meme stating: ‘I fight on because I am tired of getting weird looks for saying that I am a Republican and that I love my country.’ By drawing a comparison to their own ‘victimization’ as Republicans, many of whom are male and white, these specific members of the College Republicans discount the experiences of minority students.”

“[B]y denying the marginalization of minorities, they are choosing to contribute to discrimination on campus. This type of ignorance does nothing but reinforce oppressive boundaries and further isolate USC students from one another.

The leftists appear to have engrained the notion that everything in the United States is racism against blacks and they have worked hard on promoting that notion on college campuses.

If you go The College Fix you will find an online training guide for Northeastern University’s Resident Assistants that suggests white males cannot be oppressed; freshmen at the University of Oklahoma are mandated to take a five-hour “diversity” class; the University of Tennessee is asking the campus community to use “gender-neutral pronouns” such as “ze, xe, xem, xyr, zirs and hirs” in order to be more “welcoming.”

The University of Michigan is running an Inclusive Language Program with $16,000 worth of university-funded posters being plastered all over the campus which insist students not say things that might hurt someone’s feelings.

The University of Maryland ran the same program two years ago at a cost of $15,000.

Unacceptable words include “crazy”, “ghetto,” “insane”, “retarded”, “gay”, “tranny”, “gypped”, “illegal alien”, “fag”, “ghetto”, “ratchet”, “rag head”. et al. Students are asked to sign a pledge to “use inclusive language” and to help their peers “understand the importance of using inclusive language.”

We have already heard that the University of California system is opposed to phrases such as “American Exceptionalism” and “American is the land of opportunity”.

The Washington Times posted an article by Theodore R. Johnson who wants to make up for “the enduring damage of slavery” by making black votes count for more than white votes. He wants weighted voting as reparations.

This isn’t racism?

The leftists use anti-white racism to further their agenda.

Daily Beast writer Eleanor Clift argued on Friday’s McLaughlin Group that the rise of political correctness on college campuses hasn’t been a “positive change of attitude”, Breitbart reported.

“I don’t think it’d be a lot of fun to attend a university that was so carefully monitoring what everybody said, because the whole point of going to college is to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints. But I can see where this is coming from. The style of parenting has changed. We’re now into helicopter parenting, overparenting, parents who talk to their children every day while they’re away at college. And so, the colleges now feel like they have to provide this safe space for students, or else they’re going to hear from the parents. So, I think a lot of people are complicit in this change of attitude. I don’t think it’s a positive one.”

She sees the students as protected and coddled.

Left-wing bloggers say it’s a tempest in a teapot and nothing more than hysteria. They described it as a conservative war that uses isolated cases.

George Soros’ leftist online magazine Mother Jones claims that political correctness is mostly just not insulting people.

One professor at NYU said we are seeing the institutionalization of the PC culture. The problem comes from the students, he says, in that they are the ones banning visitors, insisting on trigger warnings, speech codes and safe rooms.


His belief is that it will be with us for a very long time, partly because of the helicopter parenting and partly because of the extreme polarization of the political left and right viewpoints.

trigger warning

He concluded that the professors are teaching students to think in distorted ways.

There seems there is nothing control freaks won’t control and PC has shown up on the K-12 level as well.

Uproxx reported that a little girl’s Wonder Woman lunchbox was banned because the character it depicted – Wonder Woman – is too violent.

Wonder Woman

Is political correctness a fake controversy? Should we stop this or let it continue because it doesn’t really exist?

Political Correctness has also been referred to as cultural Marxism.. You decide.



  1. How & why are these types of people teaching in the schools. Sounds like alot of hogwash to me. What has,come over academna liberal-socialists brainwashing our older children. Stop the indoctrination please. Let people think for themselves. Most likely they did not experience the things you claim you did. .

  2. Beware the urge to placate those who claim this or that word or phrase is “offensive.” What they’re trying to do is get you to censor yourself, because that leads to self-silencing. The Left cannot force us to adopt Newspeak, as OPrwell’s Party did, but it can make us so uncomfortable, through our own desire not to offend, that we lose the vocabulary needed to fight back — and thence, the ability to think any “unapproved” thoughts.

    These people aren’t really offended by words; look at how frequently blacks call one another “nigger,” lesbians call one another “dykes,” and homosexuals call one another “queens,” “fags,” and “queers.” They’re offended by us: the fact of our existence. The strongest blow we can strike against them is to flaunt in their very faces how unimpressed by their pretense of offense we are.

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