WordPress de-platforms a popular sharia info site


‘Creeping Sharia’ is a popular website providing information on sharia. On Twitter, they describe themselves as, “Documenting news on the threat of Islamic sharia law and jihad to freedoms in the U.S., and beyond.”

After 11 years, the website was taken down permanently without warning. Three weeks prior to the takedown, they were notified that they violated Pakistani sharia laws. I guess that is the complaint that ended their eleven-year run.

Recently, Michelle Malkin was warned by Twitter that a harmless tweet of hers violated Pakistani sharia laws. The tweet included drawings of Mohammed that were not at all insulting.

What is happening is insane and our politicians are mostly nowhere to be found. Private corporations now have control of free speech in the United States.

A website called ‘Muslim Statistics’ was also de-platformed by WordPress. Blogger is doing the same thing.

In the UK, there is a new definition of Islamophobia. “The new definition of Islamophobia would devastate freedom of speech. It says anyone who targets ‘expressions of Muslimness’ is racist. This means anyone who criticizes Islam is racist. This is blasphemy law by the back door”, says Brendan O’Neill of Spiked.

It seems we are headed for the same definition in our Orwellian world. I am deeply concerned about free speech in America.


WordPress regularly de-platforms right-wing websites. I know nothing about these sites except that they are right-wing and they were de-platformed: Mtn. Forge and the Dirt People blog, now Chateau Heartiste.

This just doesn’t happen to left-wing sites.

Recently Infowars, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, and a couple of others were de-platformed by Facebook. This is only the beginning. So many bloggers I communicated with on Facebook are gone. They weren’t extreme, just right-wing.

The Facebook page we post on, Capitalism Is Freedom, has traffic blocked as well. Our numbers are drastically reduced. We have 930,000 supporters but few get to see the articles. It gets worse every day.

Patreon is doing the same thing — deleting the right.

YouTube took down one of my videos today. It was a five-year-old video about a terror-time Islamist in the UK who just got out of prison – Anjem Choudary. All that was on it was him ranting.

This is all in time for 2020. These so-called Americans are traitors keeping diverse opinions from the public so they can choose the ideas they support.



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