Worker at Planned Parenthood Horror Shop: “It’s Human Trafficking of Fetal Tissues”


Will people look back one day and call us savages or will we devolve even further?

Planned Parenthood has to deal with a third video from The Center for Medical Progress who have themselves had to bear up against a barrage of attacks.

The DOJ is not investigating Planned Parenthood, they’re investigating the whistleblowers who exposed their harvesting of aborted baby body parts.

This time, The Center published an interview with a former employee of a company that buys the parts from Planned Parenthood.

Holly O’Donnell, who worked at Stemexpress describes the gruesome procedures in a third video put on line Tuesday. She explains that Planned Parenthood is compensated and Stemexpress basically traffics in fetal tissue. She called it a “pretty sick company.”

Of course she will be attacked and her character impugned.

Holly O'Donnell

Planned Parenthood has a sick culture with people who treat human babies worse than they would treat their cat. These are the same people who will fight to save the life of a murderer on death row and cry at those commercials with abused dogs.

The cold, callous attitude of so many people who work for Planned Parenthood is shocking.

Planned Parenthood needs to be broken up.

The third video is really horrible. Brains and hearts bring more money in, Holly says in the video.


Holly O’Donnell describes the experience of dealing with the baby parts. The video shows the parts of a 11.6 week baby – you can see the little hand and leg. There are still more high level doctors in this third video. The callous way they discuss this is hard to take.

Rand Paul has promised a Senate bill to defund this seemingly evil organization. Why should tax dollars go to this? As he said, the American people deserve a vote on this.

I don’t know how these people are going to get out of this. One spokesperson Dawn Laguens told Alisyn Camarata on CNN that Americans ‘trust’ Planned Parenthood 2-1 over These ‘Video Fraudsters’.

“We are pro-choice. we are for women deciding what’s best for them. We trust women. Unlike the people who stand outside of our clinics and shame and harass doctors and women and unlike the people who spend three years stalking doctors, trying to create problems where there aren’t any, we are proud of what we do. we are on the side of women. if you ever come to a planned parenthood, which i invite you to do, we would show you how that happens.”

How is this video a fraud? I only have the shortened clip here but The Center posts the full videos and there’s no difference. Do women who want to abort their babies really need to go to places like this at taxpayer expense?

Do Black Babies Lives Matter because these facilities are in urban areas and minorities are their major clients.


Remember the Justice Ginsberg interview in which she said this: “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

Sean Hannity discussed the legalities of the investigation with a spokesperson for The Center for Medical Progress, David Daleidon on his show Tuesday afternoon. He also spoke with pro-life advocate, Lila Rose.

God isn’t blessing this organization.

Edit: The audio from The Sean Hannity Show was added after publication.

  • sooner or later the ramifications of the roe v. wade polemic devolves to a shaky camera shot of a soccer-mom with a “pro-choice” sign advocating a ‘private and personal’ relationship ‘twixt she and her doctor, sans governmental oversight. that’s the point where a slim majority of the american polity (who in my humble should still be walking on all fours) agree with the espoused sentiment and then stuff any pesky moral doubts they might have down the memory hole.

    the supremes in ’73 had no doubts and understood to a one that their decision would confer ‘extrajudicial’ status to women by virtue of their unique biology and thus exempt
    them, as a class, from the crime of infanticide.

    in the interest of transparency and brevity, the signs in these periodic demonstrations should simply read;
    “we have the right to kill our babies if we want to.” …b