World Jihad Doesn’t Slow Suppliance on the Part of Christian Leaders


The Crusades are over.  We are in the age of suppliance.

Pope with dove

To some, being religious today means you don’t give up on people who are as evil as any beasts from Hell, and it means you reach out to those who hope their “one true religion” will one day rule the world.

On Saturday, Pope Francis stood in silent prayer facing Mecca in the 17th century Sultan Ahmet mosque in Istanbul. While radical Muslims are torturing and murdering Christians, Muslims and members of smaller sects, Pope Francis was creating a vision of Christian-Muslim understanding and unity in what seems an other-worldly experience to some of us observing.

The Pope bowed his head with eyes closed and hands clasped according to the AP as he prayed, facing Mecca, alongside the Grand Mufti of Istanbul, Rahmi Yaran.

“May Allah accept it,” Yaran told the pope of their prayer.

Allah is not the same as the Christian God. Allah did not have a son and Muslims consider the Trinity blasphemous.

The very liberal Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi called the Pope’s prayer a moment of “silent adoration.”

Pope Francis is reaching out to Muslims and reaching out is a good thing. It could prevent wars if it’s reciprocated though there is no evidence it will be.

His predecessor Pope Benedict also reached out to Muslims on a number of occasions. Pope Benedict XVI said dialogue among Christians, Muslims and Jews was vital and urged Christians in the Middle East not to abandon the region. “Inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue is not just an option, but a vital necessity for our times”, he told members of a foundation on inter-religious dialogue. Christians needed to find “the ties that unite” them with the world’s other two great monotheistic religions.

Aboard the papal plane, days before he faced Mecca, Pope Francis said while it was “almost impossible” to have a dialogue with ISIS  but he also said, “I never say ‘all is lost’, never. Maybe there can’t be a dialogue but you can never shut a door,” he told reporters on his plane returning from Strasbourg, France, where he addressed the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

“It is difficult, one could say almost impossible, but the door is always open,” he said in response to a question about whether it would be possible to communicate with the militants.

His comments are based on his unlimited faith but it doesn’t give Catholics who are suffering in that part of the world a lot of faith that he will fight for them though he repeated his comments about it being legitimate to fight an “unjust aggressor” if supported by an international consensus, which also smacks of naivety. International consensus ignores sovereign nations’ rights.

Reaching out doesn’t start or stop with the Pope. In fact, it gets worse in the U.K..

Lord Harries of Pentregarth, a retired Anglican Bishop of Oxford, said that Prince Charles’ coronation would include a reading from the Koran. Such “a gesture at the traditionally Anglican service would be ‘creative’ and make Muslims feel ‘embraced’ by the nation.”

Muslims want to take over the U.K. and they want to destroy Christianity. Of course that is not all Muslims but there are millions, perhaps hundreds of millions who do.

“Prince Charles has previously stated that when he becomes king he wants to be seen as ‘Defender of Faith,’ rather than ‘Defender of the Faith’ – a title traditionally used by British monarchs, first bestowed on Henry VIII by Pope Leo X in 1521.

If the British won’t stand up for their religion, who will?

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute told the Daily Mail, ‘Most people will be amazed at the idea that a Christian leader would consider the use of the Koran at a Christian service in a Christian abbey.’

“‘People are just so disappointed when senior Church of England figures lose confidence in the claims of the Christian faith.’”

We are living through a real-life world jihad. Islam’s goal is to take over the world. It would be nice to see more resistance to Islam on the part of our leaders, religious and political leaders alike, but we haven’t and we won’t. It would be great if they seemed to understand Islam is a threat, but too many don’t.

How much reaching out is too much reaching out?

As long as Islam includes Sharia law, it can not be considered a religion so much as a political movement, and a dangerous one at that.

Some realism would be nice.


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