World Renowned Mattress Girl Becomes Fake Rape Girl on Twitter


fake rape

Paul Nungesser, a full-scholarship student from Germany, became the subject of a rape accusation in May 2014 by friend and fellow student Emma Sulkowicz. The story gained worldwide attention because his accuser started carrying her mattress around when she came to believe that she didn’t receive justice or fair treatment by the university though it was she herself who withdrew from the case presented to the university.

She became the face of the leftist rape survivor movement.

Sulkowicz admitted the two had sex on two prior occasions but on this third encounter, she said Paul became violent, choked her, raped her anally. For months after the alleged rape, they maintained a cordial relationship, enshrined on Facebook. She initiated contacts with him and they were seductive.

Several months after the fact, she filed a complaint with the university. Nungesser was cleared of all charges after an investigation. Two other female accusers lodged complaints and their cases too were dismissed. They sounded pretty sketchy.

Sulkowicz, a visual arts student, began carrying her mattress as both art and protest. She became known as mattress girl.

Nungesser saw it as harassment. During the seven months-long investigation, Nungesser became a pariah.

Nungesser was pilloried in the press but they never asked him for his side of the story, which you can read about at the Daily Beast

Sulkowicz continued her mattress carrying to the graduation. The president of the university did not shake her hand.

Emma Sulkowicz is now becoming known as the fake rape girl. There is even a Twitter page to commemorate her now widely-questioned rape story, @fakerape. The page collects photos of the posters being hung all around New York City of her and another alleged fake rape victim, actress Lena Dunham whose rape story fell apart when she wrote a book about it and the details didn’t hold up.

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Lena Liar has a rhythm to it.


Emma has her supporters however.

She apparently wants to make some money off the gig.

Men have little to say once they’re accused.


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