World War 3 Alert! SOS Blinken Wants Ukraine to Bomb Russia


China’s military has blockaded Taiwan as fighter jets fly over the island. At the same time, Secretary of State Antony Blinken wants Ukraine to bomb deep inside Russia with American weapons, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

The Times said the information came from anonymous sources.

US officials are considering letting Ukraine strike Russia with US weapons, The New York Times reports. Ukraine says it’s necessary to fight cross-border attacks.

On Thursday, The New York Times reported that US officials were debating rolling back the rule, which Ukraine has argued severely hampers its ability to defend itself.


The proposed U-turn came after Russia placed weapons across the border from northeastern Ukraine and directed them at Kharkiv, the Times reported, noting that Ukraine would be able to use only non-American drones to hit back.

The Times reported that the proposal was still being debated and had yet to be formally proposed to figurehead Biden.

Some of the US’s allies, such as the UK, have already lifted the restriction on their weapons being used to hit targets inside Russia.

Allegedly, the US hesitated because it would trigger an escalation and potentially World War III. Blinken has been advocating for scrapping the restriction after making a “sobering” visit to Kiev earlier this month, the Times said, citing insider sources.

So, now they aren’t afraid of World War III?

Ukrainian officials have claimed that being unable to target Russian forces across the border with American weapons led to the failure of its troops to prevent the recent Russian advances in the Kharkiv Region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the offensive is a response to months of Ukrainian artillery and drone attacks in Russia’s Belgorod Region and that a buffer zone is required to deprive Kiev of the capability to make such strikes. The Times said that Ukrainian weapons “don’t pack the power and speed of the American weapons.”


Kiev has launched a lobbying campaign on Capitol Hill to pressure the White House over the issue and has some allies among lawmakers. On Monday, a group of representatives signed a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin calling for the Ukrainian request to be granted.

During a hearing in Congress on Tuesday, Senator Michael McCaul displayed a map showing the strike range of ATACMS missiles – a weapon the US has donated to Ukraine – if Kiev were allowed to use them inside Russia. He called the outlined territory a “sanctuary zone” for Russian troops and accused the Biden administration of tying the hands of the Ukrainians behind their backs.

McCaul is a dangerous warmonger, and so is Zelensky. Zelensky knows he can’t win unless NATO enters the war and sends US children to the Russian meat grinder.

If the US does this, it will be before November for political reasons.

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