World’s Fattest Cat – Don’t Tell NYC’s Mayor Doomberg

Sponge Bob, the 33 Pound Cat

Mayor Bloomberg needn’t worry about passing a law against fat cats. This cat lives in a shelter and is currently on a strict diet and an exercise regimen.

I don’t know if he’s the world’s fattest cat for sure but he is close.

Mayor Bloomberg aka Doomberg, recently proposed a bill to ban supersize sodas everywhere, but supported today’s Doughnut Day.

Here’s a picture of the celebration –

Doughnut Day in NYC

Doomberg’s excuse for the hypocrisy is that you can eat just one doughnut. Uh, do you see the size of this doughnut!

Doomberg is depriving us of our right to be overweight and even fat. The mayor said what they really should do is thank him for his anti-smoking, anti-fat, anti-sugar crusades — when they’re on their deathbed.

It’s really a very stupid ban – does he think people won’t buy two smaller drinks?

Even Sheldon Silver said today that it was a little too Big Brother for him and that we have very sacred freedoms in this country which we need to safeguard. Miraculously, I agree with Sheldon Silver on something.

I say let the fat cat eat, let me have my large sodas and sugary foods. I’m not overweight and eat healthy most of the time but I need junk in my life! What say you?


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