World’s Most Powerful Search Engine Openly Censors, Targets Conservatives


Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is displaying fact checks in its results that clearly target websites not meeting their subjective guidelines, namely, those on the right. They base a lot of their targeting on any complaint they might get from anyone and their fact-checkers are left-wing.

Various liberal and leftist sites are often not reviewed. Left-wing sites often have an option to ‘recommend’ which a right-wing site does not.

At times the fact checkers even claim sites made allegations they never made.

Google has a sidebar with a description of what they think the website is about and it includes reviewed claims.


The descriptions are far more favorable to the left-wing. For example:

If you google Vox, they fail to mention they are far-left or even left at all – they’re just ‘media news and opinion’. If you google my site, they will tell you what I talk about is: ‘Antifa, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert Mueller, and CNN’.

The hard-left hate speech at Daily Kos is described as: ‘Daily Kos is a group blog and internet forum focused on liberal American politics’.

When you google Soros’s Mother Jones, you see their description of themselves as ‘smart, fearless journalism’.

There is no fact-check for Salon and Google describes the hard-left publication as “American news and opinion”.

There is no fact-check for Salon, at least not yet.

Huffington Post, which is also far-left, is described as liberal.

Slate is hard-left and is described as liberal.

Vice is just described as ‘arts, culture, and news reporting’.


If you look at reviewed claims on the sidebar and want to comment on them, there is a feedback option, but you won’t find many reviewed claims for liberal/leftist websites.

To see what the sidebar looks like, take this one for Frontpage Magazine, a conservative website:

You can click on ‘feedback’ and get a drop down menu which allows you to make a legal request to remove the site or an article. They are inviting lawsuits to scare off right-wing bloggers.

It’s clearly censorship. Google will tell you what you are allowed to post or not. They are the arbiters of what is fact.


In the address bar, it also has a message that allows you to report the site for various “inappropriate predictions”. Some sites, like the hateful lunatic website Daily Kos, funded by George Soros, gets a line that allows people to recommend it:

You see, the problem is, from our perspective, Google doesn’t believe there is a far-left, but they do believe anything right-wing is extreme and worthy of special targeting. They don’t believe in a right-wing opinion, only the left wing are allowed opinions. Conservatives are ‘right-wing biased’ and the left are ‘news and opinion’.




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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago

For what this worth,

you said ;

” … You see the problem is from our perspective is Google doesn’t believe there is a far-left, but they do believe anything right-wing is worthy of special targeting. They don’t believe in a right-wing opinion, only left wing is allowed opinion. Conservatives are ‘right-wing biased’ and the left are ‘news and opinion’….”

here near Montreal city, there is a song that plays in high rotation on our only rock music radio station ( no need to name the station, they are mostly non-political, this is not about them but about the song )

”…Look at the sky, see a dying star
White lies, it’s a man on fire
Making love with the devil hurts
Times are changing
A thin line, the whole truth
The far right, the left view…”

the last line ” the far right, the left view” seems to agree with google

what is on the left is just opinions or views, thus it is ok or even good, it is harmless, it is just a ” view”

but the other side is ” far right” thus it is extremist, bad, wrong or even evil.

when I noticed that line I started to wonder if ” white lies, it’s man on fire making love with the devil hurts” was not something about Trump

Trump is white, he is ”on fire”, and according to the left he lies, and they see him as so evil that he might as well have made love to the devil

if you watch the song video although they tried to pretend they are ”middle of the road” they are leftists social justice warrior

They say the USA has no official language…yeah maybe it is not stated in the constitution or something but only a fool – or an anti-American – would say the USA is not an English speaking nation.

In what language was the constitution written?

it was not spanish nor was it congolese now was it?

what a crazy age we live in…those liberals are deranged people who – even thye accuse us of hate – are the ones who are full of hatred…they hate the USA, they hate conservatives, they hate Christians, they hate ” cisgenderism”, they hate white males and to a degree the entire white race, they hate our ancestors, our history, our culture, our language…

it is them who are extremists, radicals, that are far very very far from the center