Worst Candidate Running for Office Mark Roberts Calls First Lady a #HoeBag


Update at the end

Mark Roberts is a nobody running as an Independent for Congress in Oregon’s 2nd congressional district. What makes him noteworthy is he might be the worst person running for office.

Charlie Kirk who runs Turning Point USA tweeted, “There are only five staffers dedicated to Melania Trump vs. forty-four staffers who served Michelle Obama.”

In response, the revolting [leftist] House candidate tweeted that Melania Trump is a “#hoe bag”, with the suggestive comment, “Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? #think dirty”.

What is wrong with this man?

The good news is most responses were very negative. It should give us hope. Also, another bit of hope is he won’t win. He hasn’t a prayer, but won’t be shocked since he has a history of failure as he goes from career to career.


Roberts wanted publicity and he got it.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on Tuesday called for Twitter to ban the account of an independent congressional candidate in Oregon who made offensive remarks about first lady Melania Trump.

“This attack on @FLOTUS is disgraceful,” McCarthy said in a tweet, referring to remarks made by candidate Mark Roberts on Monday.

“Comments like these have no business on any platform,” the California Republican said, while also tagging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in the tweet. “This account should be banned ASAP.”

While I don’t believe in banning, if I did, he would be a candidate.

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