Here Are Some of the Worst Reactions to the London Terror Attacks


The London terror attacks last night ended in 7 dead and 48 injured. The reaction of some in the media and among liberals is to attack Donald Trump or downplay it. They are more concerned about Islamophobia than the jihad.

In the United States, we dodged a bullet by not electing Hillary Clinton. Clinton has been silent so far but we know where she stands.

Once again in the wake of #LondonAttacks we remind ourselves of the nitwit we nearly elected president

— Dinesh D’Souza (@DineshDSouza) June 3, 2017

CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations

Terror-tied CAIR in New York is more concerned about the President’s tweets.

The Media

Al Jazeera’s moderate Muslims are taking it well.

This is the reaction by CNN’s hate-filled Iranian host Reza Aslan.

The media is angrier with Donald Trump and Senator Hanson than the terrorists. The media is embarrassing.

European Leaders With No Fight In Them

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is in Lala land.

The extremely weak Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel said this:

“Today, we are united beyond all borders in horror and sorrow, but also in determination,” she said.

She added “… in the fight against every form of terrorism, we stand firmly and with determination at Britain’s side.”

Another weak leader: French President Emmanuel Macron said French citizens were among those wounded in Saturday’s “abominable and cowardly” attack and France will continue fighting “terrorism with all our strength alongside Britain and all other countries concerned.”


Actress/singer Bette Midler blames all men and all religion.

Chelsea Clinton thinks they’re “thugs”.

They Still Don’t Get It

The Brits don’t have guns. They need to be armed, and Americans need to be armed in major leftist cities.

Every major U.K. city has allowed unfettered immigration.

They are importing people into every city who want to live under Sharia, people who agree with these killers. They want the flag of Islam over Buckingham Palace and think gays should be killed while women should be clothed from head to toe, and courts should be Sharia courts.

In the entire U.K., every major city is importing Sharia-adherents. The most popular name of newborns three times over is Mohammed.

They now have people living in England and raising children who have no regard for the values of the nation.

In her address Sunday, Prime Minister Theresa May called it “extremism”. The term is ridiculous. As rocker Morissey said last week, “extremist what, an extremist bunny rabbit?”

It’s not extremism, it’s radical Islamic terrorism, and there is a worldwide jihad. May has not yet spoken of closing borders or investigating mosques, which she needs to do.

Sunday’s Manchester concert is on and we can expect singers to spread the love and Kumbaya moments. Going about one’s life as if nothing has changed only makes sense if the government has taken steps to secure their safety.

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