WOW! Acosta Sues & Whines About Trump, Press Considers a Boycott


CNN and martyred Jim Acosta went through with a lawsuit against the Trump administration. It’s a tearjerker. Poor Acosta. He and CNN dedicate themselves 24/7 to destroying Trump but Acosta is the victim.

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple tweeted the declaration outlining the tragic consequences on Acosta’s life.

“In his declaration in support of CNN’s suit against White House officials, @acosta claims that @realDonaldTrump rhetoric has had a direct impact on his life,” Wemple tweeted, along with a screen grab of a portion of Acosta’s statement.

Acosta said for the first time in his career, he’s receiving death threats “aimed at my work covering the President.” We hope — sincerely hope — that is not true but we also have no reason to believe him. He’s a liar and bloviator so it’s hard to take him seriously.

Why can’t CNN send another, more normal reporter? Don’t they care about all the misery they are bringing to Acosta’s life?

Trump says it’s “more grandstanding”.

Who knows. They seem to believe a lot of the nonsense they spew.


Meanwhile, the media is talking boycott. We can only hope.

Howard Kurtz, host of  Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” took a look at the options. Trump is their top story. It’s clear CNN would have nothing to talk about without Trump.

It seems no matter what Trump does, or doesn’t do, he remains the top story as can be seen in the case of his recent trip to France, Kurtz pointed out in a segment Tuesday.

“President Trump often says that he can’t catch a break with the press no matter what he does and the weekend he spent in Paris to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of World War I is kind of a fascinating case in point,” Kurtz began.

All they do is insult him at every turn.

A Washington Post story on Monday started off noting that “on a trip to Europe, the president hardly said a word — and he still managed to outrage at almost every turn.”

The president apparently sparked “outrage” even though he hardly said anything, as the press focused on his every move.

“Trump didn’t throw any sharp elbows at his peers here. It was still all about him,” the Post added, noting that the only exception seemed to be one critical tweet about French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Another way of looking at it – the media made it all about him as they do with almost everything when it comes to Trump,” Kurtz pointed out, citing more examples from the Post.

The newspaper suggested “it was because of the images. He looked uncomfortable and listless in a bilateral meeting with Macron, whose sinewy energy stood in stark contrast to Trump’s downbeat expression as the French leader patted him on the thigh.”

“We can’t have that!” Kurtz mocked.

And on and on they go.

The media makes everything about him.

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